Which is MOST important in weight loss: diet or exercise?

I know they're BOTH important, but if you can choose just one to focus on and WHY?


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    for strictly weight loss: Diet. You can diet away weight without exercise at all. You can't out-exercise a bad diet.

    for FAT loss: it's a little more complicated.
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    Weight loss happens in the Kitchen, fitness happens in the gym.
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    Look good = diet
    Look great naked = exercise ... which is the main reason why I lift weights and workout.
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    Diet, as in a healthy diet that will last after weight goal is reached, not one to simply lose weight. Exercise is important, too, but I think many forget that by simply moving around as much as possible doing everyday stuff, you can also help your weight loss if you, for some reason, are unable to work out.
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  • Depends on how much muscle you have, how heavy you are, how long term you are looking and how much time you have. I lost 10lbs in a week mostly due to exercise for a competition. But I wouldn't even attempt that now that I don't have the time and I'm looking to change long term. And unless you were in good to great shape already, I'd also say never even try to do half of it.

    Not watching your diet can negate even the biggest calorie deficits too: for example I ate most of my calories back in the form of a pizza and beer after burning 3200 cals hiking 5hrs+ one day...so essentially you can say why even work out to lose weight without watching your diet? (if you are talking about weight loss) My 3200 calorie burn that day equaled no accelerated weight loss, but my daily walks and several weight training sessions create a small deficit I'm losing on. Well, until holidays they did...because I'm not restricting the diet... :)
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    Diet is most important.

    However I have a friend who has lost 30 pounds just walking 5 miles a day. I think she's hit a plateau now tho that only diet will break.
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    Definitely diet. I've been exercising for years, but I only lose weight when I pay attention to what I eat.
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    Diet, if the only goal is weight loss.
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    Weight loss is dependent on eating at a calorie deficit.

    Exercise is for fitness.

    So the answer to the question in regards to weight loss would be eating less.
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    I'm going to say exercise, because active and overweight is healthier than lean and sedentary. I like to be different, but really it's true lean and sedentary has higher risk of heart disease than overweight and active.
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    Diet for sure, however. Exercising allows you to eat more. Eating well, is easier for me when I can eat more food. Sucks only being able to eat a certain amount.
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    diet. Exercise is really good for toning and getting fit but to lose weight it is 80% food
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    Regardless if you're gaining/losing/maintaining weight, it's always gong to be diet over exercise.

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    I'm torn....
    I've lost weight with just doing the healthy eating thing..I weighed less on the scales but my clothes sizing was bigger than when I lost weight with ok eating & exercise. Scales were higher with the ok eating & exercise but clothes sizes were smaller & I had comments that I looked smaller than ever before (which according to the scales was not so)....

    But yeah...They say diet is the key.
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