1000 miles in 2014

I quit doing new years resolutions but I still make goals for myself. Next year I am challenging myself to walk/run/hike 1000 miles over just normal walking around at work and home. I will be using run keeper to track my mileage with GPS and only counting exercise (planned) miles.

Anyone care to join me post up. I won't be updating every day but probably once a week or so.


  • kellygirl5538
    kellygirl5538 Posts: 597 Member
    I'm an avid hiker and this is a good goal for me . Sounds fun.
  • happycauseIride
    happycauseIride Posts: 536 Member
    I will join you. I was thinking the same thing. I typically average around 60 miles a month so I'm going to have to push a little more but I'm also running more than walking now too.

    I use Runkeeper too. Good luck to you in 2014!!
  • cicisiam
    cicisiam Posts: 491 Member
    Sounds like a great goal. Y:flowerforyou: ou can keep track with a ticker on myticker.com and post on your feed or also could join us at December 2013 Move Your @ss Challenge which keeps track each month. It is a great motivator.
  • medavidcook
    medavidcook Posts: 129 Member
    I will be up for this, but can i ask u allowing biking miles, as will be doing bout 50miles a week on just cycling,

    let me know
  • think i will do this :)
  • nimler
    nimler Posts: 11 Member
    I'm in! My total for 2013 was 850. Good luck!
  • DownsizingAaron
    DownsizingAaron Posts: 127 Member
    I have a similar challenge: doing 1894 miles of walking, elliptical, stairs, and biking in 12 months. Works out to about 5.3 miles per day. I'm 41 days into in with 187 miles complete and am 26 miles behind, but that is because I have only been walking so far.

    I went to the effort to create an elaborate Google Spreadsheet to track all my activity - if anyone is interested in seeing it let me know.
  • hbmcracer
    hbmcracer Posts: 105 Member
    Everyone is welcome even bicyclists :-) It works out to be 83.3 miles per month. I did 100 in October 80 something in November and with my mom passing and the holidays I only have 76 for December. I really hope to get over 1200 miles but wanted to set a realistic goal for myself.

    20 of my miles will hopefully be with an 11,000 foot elevation gain on the cactus to clouds hike to the peak of Mt.San Jacinto.
  • kellygirl5538
    kellygirl5538 Posts: 597 Member
    I have a knee injury I need to take care of ...but the key is to loose without my intense workouts....this stinks!
  • TAMayorga
    TAMayorga Posts: 341 Member
    I'm in. Are you guys going to keep a ticker?
  • JUDDDing
    JUDDDing Posts: 1,367 Member
    This is my #1 resolution this year. :)
  • bobbijodmb
    bobbijodmb Posts: 463 Member
    Sounds fun, I am in =) I like a challenge
  • islander029
    islander029 Posts: 28 Member
    This sounds very doable and fun. I just need some kind of device to track what I am walking.....thanks for the idea and good luck to al!
  • dauvis
    dauvis Posts: 57
    Sure... count me in
  • Bufite
    Bufite Posts: 55 Member
    I'm in!
  • bobbijodmb
    bobbijodmb Posts: 463 Member
    5 down, only 995 to go =)
  • ChasingKatie
    ChasingKatie Posts: 331 Member
    I made a similar goal, 2000 miles in 2014. Counting on A LOT of summer walking!
  • myprana
    myprana Posts: 66
    Might be in a little over my head, but I'm in. :)
  • jojoboxing
    jojoboxing Posts: 118 Member
    I like this fitness goal. I will probably do it all by walking. I did 427 miles walking last year starting in July 13th with some slacking.

    I use runkeeper so feel free to add me as an MFP or runkeeper buddy.

    Runkeeper: jojoboxing
  • hbmcracer
    hbmcracer Posts: 105 Member
    Rough weekend, had my mom's memorial service so I missed my Saturday run, I will run today though.

    So far on runkeeper I have 1.03 walking and 4.27 running.

    5.3 down 994.7 to go.