What is your New Years resolution?

I have 5.

1.'get off SSI I have a learning disability but know I can do it.

2. Read the bible from begging to end one chapter a day.

3. Get abs that will be accomplished this Idc it will be.

4. Read a chapter of a book daily.

5. Finally grt my license this year all be 21 I know I can do this.

What is your's


  • Mine is to learn to live my life as fully as possible, enjoying and appreciating every moment :)
  • AshleyM71
    AshleyM71 Posts: 3,029 Member
    Balance work and home life's.
    Go skydiving.
    Lose 5 more pounds. Continue toning.
    Dance more....live each day like it's my last. Rock it!
  • xxghost
    xxghost Posts: 4,697 Member
    Lose 25-30 pounds by graduation.
  • * quit smoking
    * lose 28lb
    * get fit
    * get healthy
    * get into a size 10-12 UK
    * not to borrow any money

    If I accomplish just one, I will be happy.. :)
  • *play piano better
    *melt lard off my body
  • - Wake up earlier (target of 6am every morning habitually by the end of the year)
    - Reach my target of 140lbs
    - Later in the year finish the 60 day Insanity challenge
    - At least be a co-author on a research paper (I'm in grad school)
    - Try to compliment at least 7 people every week (at least 3 of these have to be to complete strangers!)

    Let's see how many I can stick to!
  • To write "2014" instead of "2013" on all my papers that require dates.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,853 Member
    To be better than I was last year...to be a better person in general...to improve upon my fitness and nutrition...to help more people.
  • cndslee
    cndslee Posts: 256 Member
    Didn't make one this year per se... but if I can continue on this journey and learn / share with others... THAT would make my year! Happy New Year to you!
  • -spend more time with mom
    -listen to new music
    -do yoga daily
    -do all homework
    -go full vegan
    -brush teeth 2x daily
    -stop wearing makeup
    -lose 65 lbs
    -keep dreads no matter who doesn't like em
    -audition for solo in choir
    -cup of tea a day
    -hangout with friends more
    -read every book I own
    -change up outfits
    -live another year
  • georgieb23
    georgieb23 Posts: 76 Member
    My main one was to procrastinate less - it's not going well so far...
  • tmm_0127
    tmm_0127 Posts: 545 Member
    Get my ACE certification (prep course starts later this month!)
    Learn French
    Get back into daily yoga and meditation
    2014 will be an alcohol-free year for me, starting small though with a 6 month goal of no booze
    Meet new people and make some new friends
    And of course: Get down to 135 from 150 this year, if I do better that's cool but I'm not going to make a huge resolution out of it - also fit into size 6 jeans! Right now I'm at 8/10.
  • florentinovillaro
    florentinovillaro Posts: 342 Member
    I don't have one, I renamed it and called it New Life Resolution: Weight loss and being fit.
  • hmm i just have one, ive already started my lifestyle change so i cant include that.

    ive recently taken up mountain biking, and riding it in general almost everywhere, but the aim for 2014 is to do a trail here that is 161km (100miles) long in one day.
  • the_dude00
    the_dude00 Posts: 1,056 Member
    Not to change an effing thing
  • RyanJK85
    RyanJK85 Posts: 580 Member
    Dont make them....but if I did, make it better than the last...thats my goal everyday
  • QuietBloom
    QuietBloom Posts: 5,413 Member
    I don't make New Year's resolutions. If I need to change something, or do something differently, I figure "Why wait until the new year?"
  • mat136
    mat136 Posts: 35
    lift heavy weights