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Is it better to weigh yourself or not?

DFaulk67DFaulk67 Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
If so how often do you weigh yourself? We do not own a scale so I never even think about it. Should I get one?
Right now, I go by how hard it is to button my pants. Kind of a crude method but people used to use hourglasses and sundails too.


  • DFaulk67DFaulk67 Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    If so how often do you weigh yourself? We do not own a scale so I never even think about it. Should I get one?
    Right now, I go by how hard it is to button my pants. Kind of a crude method but people used to use hourglasses and sundails too.
  • katiechakoskatiechakos Posts: 348Member Member Posts: 348Member Member
    DFaulk, is that a picture of your adorable boxer??? I have one, too...
  • lotusfromthemudlotusfromthemud Posts: 5,396Member Member Posts: 5,396Member Member
    There is much debate on this topic, and I don't think there's a "right" answer here.

    Some people benefit from the accountability of the scale, others become all about the numbers, and therefore self-critical and self-defeating. (and by others, I mean me.)

    I weigh once a week, and find that now that I've added strength training I'm losing size (the good old "pants button" test) but have gained about a pound. Also, I have a "weight range" of five pounds I aim for, because the scale fluctuates because of water, salt, stress, and a lot of other factors.

    Is the scale the only indicator of your health? I think we can all agree that that's a no.:flowerforyou:
  • verbifyvenusverbifyvenus Posts: 175Member Member Posts: 175Member Member
    I agree with Viviakay.

    But I would also say that people who ignore the scale completely don't realize they're gaining and when they do step on they are shocked.

    The button test is good, but I also like to kickstart things or work a little harder when I know the scale starts creeping up. And it's a lot easier to know sooner than later and have to work that much harder.
  • DFaulk67DFaulk67 Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    Thanks Katie, That is my boxer Nissa. 6yr old rescue, recent cancer survivor and my running partner. Is yours sleeping in your pic?

    Thanks Viviakay and verbify, I'll probably get one soon, I just dont want to fall into the "I gained a pound and now I hate everything" mode.
  • kistinbeekistinbee Posts: 3,718Member Member Posts: 3,718Member Member
    When weighing yourself, I have learned from nutritionists and personal trainers (the ones I have spoken with) that it is better to weigh yourself a couple times a week and taking the net total for the week. Some times you may have extra weight--water, heavy protein, heavy starches...these can all add a pound or two to the scale the next day. So, if you weigh yourself on Mon, Wed, Fri, you could be up a pound on Mon, down two on Wed, and stayed the same on would calculate it as down one for the week. This is probably most accurate. But, you do need to make sure that you have a reliable scale (one that is always the same). For me, I weigh myself every few days in the morning, after showering, with only my robe on and wet hair. My scale stays in the same spot and I weigh myself twice each time to make sure it gives the same reading. This way, I know that it should be consistant. So, just find a plan that's right for you!

    Hopefully this helps.:bigsmile:

  • sherrillbjsherrillbj Posts: 20Member Posts: 20Member
    Taking your measurements is a good alternate way to check your progress. Sherrill
  • Nich0leNich0le Posts: 2,906Member Member Posts: 2,906Member Member
    It has been proven that people that loose weight and keep it off weigh once a week or more. Why?? Because they can monitor what they are doing and catch it before 2 of 3 lbs turns into 10 or more.

    The only problem is a scale at home can make you become obsessive over every stinking ounce. I did that, started weighing every morning and then if I thought I gained even a single pound I would beat myself up over it. My problem solver, I only weigh in on Mondays at the gym. If I gain a lb or two then I know I need to buck up and eat right or get an extra workout in because I am far off from my goal.

    For long term weight loss winners you should look up information on the national weight control registry. It has success stories and how people have managed to keep weight off and one of the biggest things is they all weigh in at least once per week.

    90% exercise everyday for about an hour
    78% eat breakfast every day
    75% weigh at least once per week
    62% watch less than 10 hours of TV

    look up the site, it has a lot of great info
  • Xtracrispy69Xtracrispy69 Posts: 55Member Posts: 55Member
    depends on the impact a bad weight might have you on. Over my spread of dropping weight I took into consideration sodium impact, time of day, and other variants in reasons why my weight would appear heavier. I weighed close to daily to get a range of where I was, never paid attention to the exact number, only did when significant loss came
  • deaneadeanea Posts: 1,437Member Posts: 1,437Member
    I weigh in one to two times a week, but I don't take it to heart until I've maintained the lowest of my weigh in for at least two weeks
  • cassidymaecassidymae Posts: 3Member Posts: 3Member
    Hey, saw the pics of the beautiful boxer and thought i'd say hi.

  • noogiepnoogiep Posts: 35Member Posts: 35Member
    I used to be a slave to the scales and it seemed to give me false confidence. Now, I just weigh once a week and then, put them in a very inconvenient place.
  • dmflyntdmflynt Posts: 196Member Posts: 196Member
    I weigh myself every morning. I reached my weight loss goal a few weeks ago (17 lbs), and am in "maintenance mode", so the scale tells me whether I have to be extra-good that day, or if I can relax a bit.
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