who's low carbing? Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet

Starting tomorrow I'm going to be following 'Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet', I gave it a go a few years ago and managed to lose quite a bit on it :). I LOVE CARBS. So it's going to be a challenge, and perhaps I'll finally beat my carb addiction!

I'm new to this whole Mfp thaaaang, so if anyone wants to buddy up and beat up some carbs together, that would be swell. :)

Love xx


  • pinkvici
    pinkvici Posts: 140 Member
    Tell me more? I've done loads of diets but never heard of this one.

    I work best on low carbs too. I'm also in South Wales - feel free to add me - starting over!
  • Flossiebonbon
    I'm best on low carb too so please feel free to add me as a friend. I have the India and Neris book but just find counting carbs in the MFP counter is best for me. Back on it from Monday!
  • LHSmith13
    LHSmith13 Posts: 4 Member
    I've never heard of this particular diet but I am on the low carb track as well. It's always what has helped me lose weight and feel so much better once I get all of the crap sugars out of my system.
    Good luck!
  • katylouiseb1992
    adding you all!
  • Banannafish512
    Banannafish512 Posts: 87 Member
    starting low carb this new year as well! would really appreciate the support because my family thinks I'm nuts for eating as much protein and fat as I have been. They keep yelling at me about cholesterol!
  • Favrivislandjeans

    I bought the book for my Kindle read it cover to cover for last fortnight and am making a start on Monday. I have never done low carb before - I love bread, crisps, rice etc so it's going to be hard. I held off strting as I had a two day work conference earlier this week with loads of free dinners, buffets and booze!

    Ready for Monday though - will keep my eye on this post and see hhow we all go xx
  • zaan83
    zaan83 Posts: 35
    How low is low?
  • patsypooter
    patsypooter Posts: 175 Member
    I am doing the Specific Carb Diet for weight loss and to help my IBS (so far it's WORKING!) and this diet is low to moderate carb. I try to keep my carbs under 70 a day but if I go over I do not worry. I don't want to worry about the carbs I'm getting from veggies like I used to when on keto. I just eat as many veggies as I want and track it in MFP. If I go past 100 carbs one day, I don't worry too much but since I'm eating only veggies, fruit and meat, it's pretty hard to go over 100 carbs as long as I don't pig out on fruit.

    Low to moderate carb diets work! I find they are much easier to stick to because you are not hungry all the time. Low fat diets never worked for me.
  • jolizziejones
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    Hi im also in south wales. For me carbs are the devil!! Lol I am low carbing as well as introducing exercise (another devil for me) I have not heard of your diet either will look it up though. Good luck.
  • kids183
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    Hi there! I've recently re-joined MFP after being off it a couple years. When I was on it last I low carbed it and lost 35 pounds. This time I was hoping to do the same thing, however, my kick off to the "low carb" portion has been slow :grumble:

    Looking for other friends to help with low carb support :flowerforyou:
  • jlblack1241
    Good Luck! Low Carb and Low Cal is my focus! :)
  • jmaloney80
    jmaloney80 Posts: 4 Member
    I too am Lowish carbs. I only eat carbs if they offer a high amount of fiber. I am 4 days into no refined sugar though. The first day I had a headache and terrible cravings yesterday. I am good today though.
  • shawndelpriebe
    I'm also doing low carb. Would love any information anyone wants to share.