Have you EVER met a MFPer



  • ahviendha
    ahviendha Posts: 1,294 Member
    yep, i've purposefully met a couple friends on here.
  • _Rogue
    _Rogue Posts: 37 Member
    Yeah... about 30 of them lol

    A few our locals and we workout together now and then.
  • Kevalicious99
    Kevalicious99 Posts: 1,153 Member
    No .. my profile pic always scares anyone off.
  • I've met 8 now and hope to get to meet more soon!
  • Silvara_11
    Silvara_11 Posts: 133 Member
    Yes, one of my MFP friends really liked hiking so I told her about my hiking club and we took a hike together. Fab people on here!
  • billsica
    billsica Posts: 4,742 Member
    Hi Ipuffyheartheelsinthegym.. I want to meat you
  • Liber8
    Liber8 Posts: 13
    yeppers ! x2
  • Sinisterly
    Sinisterly Posts: 10,913 Member
    Not yet.
  • Hi Ipuffyheartheelsinthegym.. I want to meat you

    oh Bill, you do know the way to my heart....
  • Yes I have met one. Would like to meet more.
  • MunchkinHawk12
    MunchkinHawk12 Posts: 447 Member
    I've met 3 so far and will meet #4 on Thursday...and 3 of the 4 will be coming to my Zumba class on Thursday!!! Then I'll see all 4 on Saturday...I live in WA and 3 of them do too but I have one friend that lives in Nevada and she and I are pretty close! MFPBFF's! HAHA
  • Carl01
    Carl01 Posts: 9,459 Member
    A couple dozen or more and all have been awesome!
  • celtbell3
    celtbell3 Posts: 738 Member
    Thought about it.
  • Silky815
    Silky815 Posts: 367 Member
    Never have but I would love to meet some of my great friends from here who are always here to support me and comment on my posts. Luv you all.
  • islander_2013
    islander_2013 Posts: 13,378 Member
    no....would like to meet some of my new friends
  • Ahluvly
    Ahluvly Posts: 389 Member
    Hey everyone!

    I've met three nice lasses from mfp and another is a girl from home who I used to know growing up! Small world!

    Both Emma and Andrea are good friends, we natter by text/phone/nights out and sleep overs lol I've only met Danielle once but Emma and I are gonna do a shopping day with her soon!
  • reality_girl
    reality_girl Posts: 165 Member
    Mhm. 30 or 40. And my atom slue.
  • harvo
    harvo Posts: 4,676 Member
    I'm hoping to take his virginity soon...

    promises, promises