Short 5 feet ladies... what is your goal weight?



  • Cheeky_and_Geeky
    Cheeky_and_Geeky Posts: 984 Member
    I'm 5'1'', 25 years old. SW 167lbs in July 2013. Goal weight is maybe 120lbs? Not sure. I'd like to lose 10 more pounds or so & see how I feel. I'm 126lbs now. I'd rather work on toning/ strength training to tighten up. We're going to try for baby #2 in May, so I'd be happy getting down to 120 by then
  • sophy75
    sophy75 Posts: 5 Member
    5' exactly here. 24 years old. I did well enough before on MFP but lost myself by not maintaining and ended up gaining my weight back. Current weight is 135 lb. Goal weight is 105-110. Just need to get started!
  • vickiebarnes2
    I am 5'2" and my current weight is 132 ( gained a couple over the holidays :( ) My highest weight was 190 right after I gave birth to my daughter almost 6 years ago. I lost 40 pounds rather quickly and then just stalled and weighed between 145-150 for a couple of years. I finally got motivated to lose the rest when my husband and I decided to celebrate our 15 year anniversary in Jamaica. I got down to 128 before the trip and felt good. Since then I've been hanging around 130-135. My goal weight is between 120-125. I am on day seven of Insanity...hoping this will help!
  • lastchancedance89
    lastchancedance89 Posts: 26 Member
    I'm 5"4' and I'm currently 145lbs with a BF% of about 28. At my heaviest I was 210lbs and my BF was a little over 50%. My goal weight is about 110-115 with around 15% BF. I've been overweight my whole life and can't remember ever being below 160 so my goal is just based on pictures I've seen of other people. I just want to be lean and have clearly defined muscles, so whatever weight or BF I have to be at will be my end goal. Good luck to everyone and Happy New Year!
  • jessigoct17
    jessigoct17 Posts: 57 Member
    currently as of today im 5'2.5" 120 pounds. My body fat is around 27% which is normal and healthy/average for a female my age,height,weight but my goal would to be under 25% body fat i'm not sure how many pounds of fat that is but im continuin my weight/resistance training.. currently on week 4.
  • jclark21
    jclark21 Posts: 23 Member
    5'2", 24 years old. HW: 233 CW: 222 GW: 140ish. I usually waver between 210 and 220 lbs without changing anything. I haven't seen under 200 since High school (came thisclose with Weightwatchers a few years ago), but that's my short term goal.
  • shannongoneau
    shannongoneau Posts: 246 Member
    I'm 5'0 and my first goal weight is 160lb. My second goal is 130, I'll se what my bf % is at that point and see if I need to lose more. I've already lost 52lbs (combo before I came on here and after) and I still need to loose 50 more lbs to get to 160.
  • aggiegirl121
    aggiegirl121 Posts: 84 Member

    CW: 176
  • AireenAsh
    I'm 5'4 and my goal weight is 120 lbs. I have really chunky legs I swear and it's a part of why I want to lose weight. I gain fast and in these legs.:(
  • BastOff
    I'm 5'1 1/2, my goal weight is 100lbs and if I make that 95lbs so I can be on the low scale of bmi for marathon running. I'm currently 125lbs and I feel really sluggish and unmotivated to go about life. My highest was 130lbs and I honestly just wanted to lay around and sleep all day. It was awful. I never wanna let myself get to that again. I kinda saw it as self harm in some perspective. I'm sorry to anyone I offended. This is my honest self thoughts. I'm generally use to being 106lbs so that was a weird feeling for me being at 130lbs.

    I gain at my legs, butt and inside of my arms. I hate it. I've been living in baggy pants and leggings lately since I don't fit in my pants.
    I'm on a plant based diet now (basically vegan) for medical reasons.
  • kayrenloseit
    kayrenloseit Posts: 3 Member
    Am 5'1, currently at 173lbs, with a goal of 120. I started at 182 lb a few months ago when I was successful at losing a little bit, but then I stopped my diet.

    I think I'm generally legit big boned (wide shoulders, wide hips) so I think 120-125 is a nice spot for my figure. If needed I'll go to 115 as the lowest. I just want a healthy look :)
  • sunshinenjjr
    sunshinenjjr Posts: 137 Member
    I'm 5'1" currently weigh 124 lbs. My goal is 110 to 115 lbs. It depends on what I look like. I'm looking to be lean and toned instead of a certain weight. Any shorties can add me. I'm always looking for friends that are small like me.
  • Zenjaeie
    I'm 4"11, and I'm not exactly sure my current weight but I KNOW I gained a few over the Christmas holidays. I'd like to be back down to ~90, but I'm not so much focused on the scale as I am being slim, toned, healthy and happy! :)
  • tigerbunny91
    5'1 here, 22 years old. I'm currently between 112-116 lbs, I'd like to be 108-104. My heaviest was last year at 135.
  • LilMsMuffinTop14
    LilMsMuffinTop14 Posts: 11 Member
    5' 1.5". 24 years old. Heaviest 143 in 2010. Lost 25lbs and have gained 10 of it back. Currently 130. Goal weight 120-125. TONED! p.s I need short friends for motivation.
  • 5'3. And a half. My goal at the moment is 130, current weight is 186.6.
    Never been that small in my 20 years, so I'm gonna re-evaluate when I get there. I'm more concerned with being toned and happy with my figure than my weight, so when I get to that place, that's my goal. :)
  • kaylorraine44
    kaylorraine44 Posts: 135 Member
    I'm 5'0 and my goal is 120lbs. Right now I'm 132lbs and am starting to get toned. Hoping to lose the last of the roley-poleyness!
  • EliseLives
    EliseLives Posts: 50 Member
    I'm 5 foot and currently 172, which is close to my heaviest weight ever. I think that was 175. I didn't mind sitting around 150. Then I gained 10 pounds and became OK with sitting at 160. I think this is a bad mindset to be in. So I really have never set a true goal weight. I had thought 140 would be a dream. But I guess if I can get there successfully, I could try for smaller. I just want to weigh whatever is healthy.
  • bamf82
    bamf82 Posts: 14
    4'10, goal weight is between 119.3 - 105.0, not sure. I just want to first get to a healthy BMI, then evaluate from there. I'm looking for friends (or pals), so if anyone wants to add me, I'm here for the long haul.
  • jodi41086
    jodi41086 Posts: 240
    5"3 and a 1/2 :O) goal 117 or 13% body fat
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