I want to get pregnant, but need to lose weight first!

I would like to get pregnant and start a family this year, but first need to get rid of all of this extra weight! I have horrible back problems and am terrified to get pregnant along with the extra weight. I need to lose about 50 pounds and have always been one to need support getting through it. Can y'all friend request and help me through this!? Thank you!


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    I hear ya girl! I'm 5'6" and weight 229 lbs. Hubby and I would like to start TTC this summer/fall, and I would like to be as healthy as possible. My ideal weight to be at a good BMI would be 150-155 lbs., but I'm working towards 160 lb. by August or a 70 lb. weight loss by August. It's going to be a HUGE challenge but knowing that I'm working to better myself and the life of my future child is very motivating. I also feel like I'm on time crunch because I turn 34 in April and I would like to have more than one child in the next few years. I know I'm still young, but ideally I'd like to have any kids I'm going to have in my 30s.

    As for weight loss, I like working out but I make some pretty bad food choices and I love to eat. I'm back to keeping a food journal on MVP in the hopes I can see my bad choices and be more aware of what I can eat instead (Ex. chocolate pudding cup instead of a candy bar). I also currently work out at my local gym doing primarily group exercise classes. This week I did five classes and boy am I sore! I missed that whole memo about easing into it slowly (I haven't worked out in over a month and before that was working out 2-3x/week doing Zumba). I truly believe that you can lose the 50 pounds that you need to once you figure out what works best for you and that you can do long term. No short term solution is going to cut it for either of us!

    Exercise goal this week--get to the gym 5x
    Food Goal--drink 56 oz of water (I don't like drinking water)

    Exercise ideas for when you're just starting out--take a short daily walk, find free online beginner yoga workouts (Rodney Yee is one of my faves), water aerobics, crank up some music at home and just dance
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    My baby mama lost weight during her pregnancies. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and kept it in check with diet. Cannot stick to a diet for her health but did for the kids sake. I am not talking about she started at 200 and after child birth she was 190. I mean she started at 200 and was 190 while still preggo and less after birth.

    I would say start eating healthy and trying to conceive now. Continue eating healthy during pregnancy for you and your babies sake.
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    Yes! My ultimate goal, not getting my hopes too high, is to be a mother. I have PCOS and struggle with my weight due to it. I've also had 7 miscarries, due to my PCOS because I left it untreated for several years. I need to drop a total of 100 lbs, I'm down 70lbs but its been 2 years thus far. So my goal this year to finally get rid of the last 30 lbs. Then I will go off my birth control, on it to fix my hormones, and try one last time for a baby.
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    Good luck. You have a fantastic goal and reason.

    I struggled with TTC so I understand that desire for sure.

    Now I'm exercising and changing the eating so I can be around as long as possible for my kids.

    Feel free to add me if you'd like.
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    Hi, I'm 35 and would also love to get pregnant this year,or next at the latest. I would love to help motivate you! I really want to do it this time and need to loose about 70 lb. I hope we can motivate each other! :happy:
  • I completely understand how u feel! Im trying to lose weight for the exact same reason! Friend request sent!
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    I feel like im reading my own words!! I am in the same boat as you! Add me and we can go through it together
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    Hi there,

    I was struggling to get pregnant with my son. The doctors said I was ok but it was most likely my weight that was holding me back. I found a book by Zita West on "Guide to getting pregnant" it was the best thing I ever did... I bought it on amazon. Her main advice was to follow a low GI diet and to understand your body. I lost 10 pounds and was pregnant within 2 months. I didn't think to much of it at first but I can honestly say I have to credit her for for my beautiful boy.

    I did get gestational diabetes ( it runs in my family) during my pregnancy and surprisingly the diet I had to follow was the low GI one. I grew a lovely bump and by the time my beautiful healthy son was born I had lost a further 20 + pounds in my pregnancy. There was an additional bonus, as I followed the diet so well, he only weighed 7lbs 4oz (2 weeks early) and not 10lbs which is common for ges diabetes.

    So I went from 178lbs to 148lbs and gained my little boy.

    add me as a friend if you wish, I will be more than happy to support you.

    C x
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    I just want to applaud all of the ladies in this thread. I think more people should adopt this attitude before jumping into TTC :)

    I committed to MFP 6 months ago for similar reasons. I had a rare type of miscarriage in June that put me at risk for cancer, and medically benched me from TTC until they ruled out any threat of tumor regrowth. I took that time to focus on quality food, plenty of rest, and regular exercise. I was just cleared last month to TTC and I am 2 lbs away from my goal weight.

    My biggest piece of advice for all of you is that this is not "all or nothing." Forget the bandwagon, you can't fall off the bandwagon because there is no bandwagon. There is just life! You won't be perfect every day, and that's ok. Just keep trying, and don't quit. Also, don't set your goals so aggressively that you're starving and miserable. Losing weight slowly doesn't feel like a chore, and the pounds come off and stay off that way. That's the biggest lesson I've gleaned this time around. Live your life, and try to make better choices.

    Anyone please feel free to add me for support! I'm a vegetarian who eats mostly vegan and I'm always happy share recipes :)
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    Same here, although I want to lose 100 pounds before that happens. Friend me. :)
  • Hey there! One of my reasons for weight loss (other than joining the air force) was the hopes it would make TTC easier for us. I was about 40 lbs overweight.

    You should pick up "what to expect before you're expecting". It's got a whole 1/3 of the book dedicated to the diet you should have before getting pregnant, what vitamins you need, what extra weight can do to you, etc. It really helped me.
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    I am in the same boat! I am not looking to get preggers this year, but perhaps next year. I too have PCOS and I need to drop about 50lbs before I would be at a more ideal weight to have a successful pregnancy. At once time I was 260, and I'm now 210, so I'm 1/2 way three. Anyone on this thread feel free to friend me. I would love to have support and support others who also have this in mind.
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    So pleased to find some ladies who are going through the same thing.

    I have a huge chunk of weight to lose, but am working on it while we try as at the moment, I definitely think the one thing holding us back is my size/weight. Though I have to admit I am also in 2 minds about waiting until we go on honeymoon in June before we start trying properly again (I keep chopping and changing between wanting to wait these 5 months and just wanting to get down to trying properly) xxx
  • All - THANK YOU for your stories! It's comforting to know that I'm not in this alone.

    I have lost 16 pounds so far from these AMAZING supplements that have controlled my appetite, now it's time to kick it up a notch and get back to my workout routine. I've always been the one who wants the results as fast as possible, and will work my butt off to see them, but this time is different. I want to adopt a forever-healthy plan that my husband and I can stick to.

    Any tips, tricks, and recommendations are always welcome :)
  • All - THANK YOU for your stories! It's comforting to know that I'm not in this alone.

    I have lost 16 pounds so far from these AMAZING supplements that have controlled my appetite, now it's time to kick it up a notch and get back to my workout routine. I've always been the one who wants the results as fast as possible, and will work my butt off to see them, but this time is different. I want to adopt a forever-healthy plan that my husband and I can stick to.

    Any tips, tricks, and recommendations are always welcome :)

    Be careful with supplements. There are quite a few out there that tell you not to use them if you are pregnant or could become pregnant. I'm sure you have but check the labels just in case!
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    I am in the same position. I am early in my weight loss journey (down 20 lbs of a total/ultimate goal of 115 lbs). I already have one little boy, he's 4. I also have the pressure of age...I turned 39 last month. My pregnancies have ended early with preterm labor caused by unknown causes (we lost our first baby at 23 weeks). In both pregnancies, I weighed in excess of 235lbs. I feel as though my weight contributed to the early labor (though not identified by the doctors); I just know that excess weight causes inflammation in the body. Because I am on a tight timeline, I will work really hard over the next 5 months to try and get below 200 when we start trying. I know I will continue to try and when I am pregnant...as shared by a pp. So nervous!
  • First - I want to wish everyone luck and success in their journey. I loved reading your post as I could relate to so many of your stories.

    My current goal is to loose 50 pounds before we begin trying to expand our family. If it wasn't for this weight I would totally try to get pregnant now!! However, I am already obese and I want to enter my pregnancy in a healthier state. This will be my first pregnancy and I am really excited to enter this stage in my life. My husband is the most amazing and supportive man. I cannot wait to bring our child into this world. I can absolutely do it!!

    I look forward to hearing your success stories and sharing mine.
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    I'm losing weight for pregnancy as well! Good luck! Friend me, if you'd like!
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    I am losing weight with PCOS too. It can be a little tricky but not impossible. Good luck to everyone!
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    Oh oh oh! Pick me!!

    My husband and I want to start a family soon too, but I HAVE to lose weight. I found out recently I was pregnant, then a week later I miscarried. My doctor told me that I'm at high risk for preclampsya and gestational diabetes, as well as repeat complications during the first trimester next time too. She said that I'll greatly lower my risk if I lose just 10% of my body weight...so that's 25 pounds on top of the 10 I've already lost. I usually put off losing weight because I feel like I'm only hurting myself, but this time I'm in Mama Bear mode and realize I have hurt someone else by being obese.

    I've found the best way to stay motivated is to go to a walking path near a playground after work, when I'm guaranteed to see at least a stroller, and if I'm lucky, a couple babies. It gives me the motivation to keep going and push myself on my walk instead of giving up early, because my husband and I want to try again this summer. I'm giving myself until July 4th!

    Feel free to add me! I'm also trying to watch my nutrition to lower my blood pressure and prepare my body for pregnancy again.