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Hi, this is my second attempt at mfp and really hoping I can stick to it this time! I am an English mum to two little boys living in France. I kind of fell of the wagon when my Dad died earlier in the year and have been using every excuse under the sun not to diet. And now I am full of self hatred and really need to do something. The first time I used this site I was so amazed by all the wonderful people I meet and I found it so motivating. I really hope I will meet some nice people again. I have a lot to lose about 6 stone and would really appreciate any support.


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    Hey, add me as a friend. I'm looking for support as well.
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    Hi! I am a mom of one with another on the way. I am struggling to stay active while pregnant and then plan to keep at it once baby is here. I'm always looking for more support!
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    Don't hate yourself - the first step to getting where you want is to love yourself the way you are. Look at your positives - your healthy, live in beautiful France, two great little boys (I'm sure!) and you've made a key decision to come back here. I've lost 49lbs with MFP and if I can do it, anyone can. You need to turn your hatred into love so that you will look after your body and give it the respect it deserves. Will friend request you and give you support. Good luck!
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    Hi, please feel free to add me, have around the same to lose as you do. Will do my best to help motivate and support...
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    Hey, feel free to add me !
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    hey im fat in Canada fell off the wagon also friend request sent :)
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    Hi - please - there is no place for hate in your life. You are a wonderful person who just happens to be overweight- the weight doesn't define you! I too am an overweight person, living in the US, with 5 kids and 10 grandkids, who has lost and gained, gained and lost ever since menopause. I am new to this site, starting today, to get stronger, eat healthier and reduce my waist! (in other words not focusing on dieting but hoping to lose LOL) I have recorded my planned intake for the day and now must get up and exercise. I feel really lucky to have found this site and hope to make a lot of friends, :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: Good luck to to you and everyone out there.