Has anybody noticed a difference after giving up diet soda?



  • Hornsby
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    I don't think I would ever need or want to try giving it up, so I don't.
  • thatonegirlwiththestuff
    I quit drinking it for awhile about 2 years ago (which then led to my coffee addiction) and saw no measurable difference. Now I have maybe 1/day, if that, and for me, it actually satiates my cravings for sweets.
  • CookNLift
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    I noticed that my regular soda tasted better than the diet soda. I don't drink much soda but my family got a soda stream....which is pretty badass.
  • ataylorgardner
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    I too drink way too much diet soda. i have to limit my sugar intake for health reasons which is why i drink diet as opposed to regular. ive tried to quit a few times but i crave the carbonation. As a 5 year cancer survivor I am trying to be healthier and eliminate as many of the additives and chemicals from my diet as possible, things like hfcs and aspartame are top of the list. I started eating better and drinking a meal replacement shake every day and since then i dont crave the pop as much as i did before. I have even gone several days without it. At this point I would have to say I wouldnt know if any changes were due to less pop or due to a healthier diet and more water. If you decide to give it up best of luck and let us know if you see any changes.
  • WalkingAlong
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    Hello, 3 weeks ago I gave up diet coke, diet Pepsi an all foods containing aspertame, equal, splenda etc. I am craving diet soda so bad right now, and I used to drink 2 to 4 sodas a day. I have not caved in, but I have noticed a few differences. I am not in as much of a fog as I was. I feel like buying diet coke and just drinking it right now, but after reading all the horrible thing about soda and apsertame I will try to continue staying away.

    Hello and welcome. Good for you for giving up something you wanted to give up. Most of the horrible things you read about soda and aspartame are myths, but hey- I toast to you with my Diet Pepsi in thanks for reviving this important 2-year-old thread! :drinker:
  • clairercoll
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    Cut it out at the end of the summer, after one week I already felt waaaay less bloated, and maybe this wasn't related but I felt like I had better energy levels too. Aspartame is really awful for you, from what I've read.

    Two months after I had cut it out, I decided to try a coke zero and almost gagged. I can't believe I used to drink more diet beverages than water. Then I tried Fresca and had the same reaction - felt sick, bloated, and the taste just no longer appealed to me at all.

    Everyone is different, but I highly recommend cutting it out cold turkey. After a few weeks you won't even crave it anymore.
  • Dominique14614
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    I know I need to give it up but I feel like it helps me keep my sanity. I'm on a low carb diet. I'm gonna finish the one I have today then go cold turkey.
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    B R A I N S ! ! !

    brains are better than diet soda!!!! :smiley:
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    Ooh, a necro. Sweet.

    If we're allowed to comment now that it's been necromanced, I went a while not drinking any soda and saw no difference. Now I just treat myself to it when I have extra calories or want a fizzy drink, which isn't all that often. I actually miss being able to fit fruit juices and Seagram's Escapes into my diet a lot more than I crave soda.

    Every person's gonna have a different mental and chemical relationship with soda, but I really don't think there's any significant harm to be found in enjoying it reasonably if it's not making you sick or upset.
  • ccruz985
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    Diet Coke is my Achilles heel. I'm in maintenance now so I do indulge more but my appetite is noticeably bigger and I specifically crave sugary snacks.
  • RGv2
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    Yes, I gave up diet soda in 2014 when I started my weight loss journey and it made a huge difference in weight loss. I was also no longer bloated, rarely crave any soda and don't have as strong craving for sugar. I only drink regular soda when I'm dining out.

    How would giving up something with zero calories "make a huge difference in weight loss"?
  • Connie1979
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    YES!!! they seem waaay to sweet for me now and I can no longer drink them.
  • fuzzylop72
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    It's 4 calories per can ;) Anything under 5 calories can be labeled as 0 calories, a law in the U.S.

    It seems unlikely that it's 4 calories for a can, considering that larger quantities (for example, 20oz bottles with a serving size of the whole bottle) are also labeled as 0 calories.
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    fuzzylop72 wrote: »
    It's 4 calories per can ;) Anything under 5 calories can be labeled as 0 calories, a law in the U.S.

    It seems unlikely that it's 4 calories for a can, considering that larger quantities (for example, 20oz bottles with a serving size of the whole bottle) are also labeled as 0 calories.

    It depends on the Diet soda. Mt Dew for example has 5 calories in 20 oz.
  • Annie0411
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    I have up soda cold turkey last week. I was drinking anywhere from 2-4 cans a day. I am finding that my need for snacking is decreasing. I would crack open a Diet Coke and eat my way through a box of wheat thins. Without the Coke Zero the wheat thins don’t taste as good! Plus, my soda habit was causing my kids to want it. I hope I never go back to drinking it again!
  • Carlos_421
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    I've found that Coke Zero Sugar and Diet A&W Root Beer are quite effective at satisfying any cravings for sweets and actually keep my appetite at bay.