Something that made you happy today?



  • BrunetteWife
    BrunetteWife Posts: 2,108 Member
    Joined the local YMCA and got in a 5k on the treadmill :)
  • YesIAm17
    YesIAm17 Posts: 817 Member
    Somebody said very sweet things to me that I hadn't heard from anyone else in awhile.

    Also, separately, a good friend acted like a good friend.
  • My scale :D
  • cherry_dropz
    cherry_dropz Posts: 9 Member
    Peyton Manning and the Broncos winning! Yay!
  • LoveMyLife_NYC
    LoveMyLife_NYC Posts: 230 Member
    I bought two new Kate Spade bags as a reward for finishing with my student loan payments! :bigsmile:
  • Groovyca2022
    Groovyca2022 Posts: 21,378 Member
    Peyton Manning and the Broncos winning! Yay!

    Exactly! Whoop, whoop!
  • treesha450
    treesha450 Posts: 320 Member
    actually a lot !

    Booked a GORGEOUS condo in Mexico, on the beach for a vacation with my boyfriend and 2 friends to share. Luckily there was a last minute cancellation, otherwise the whole month was completely booked !

    I ordered 2 poached eggs at breakfast with a dry english muffin & side of fruit instead of the CAP’N CRUNCH FRENCH TOAST, I drank black coffee instead of a Bloody Mary

    watched the sunset.
  • My kid dog, my daughter, learning how to work my core and working my upper body out. I can also say happy that I did dishes , laundry and cooked a good dinner. Happy that I found MFP and have so many supportive friends and great new friends. You can add me if you like the more the stronger.
  • marvybells
    marvybells Posts: 1,984 Member
    Thought I didn't have any room left for ice cream in my diary, then realized I accidentally double logged my dinner!
  • Tydeclare44
    Tydeclare44 Posts: 572 Member
    That feeling after your first set in the gym
  • allaboutthecake
    allaboutthecake Posts: 1,460 Member
    Temperature rose enough I was able to wear shorts & T today! :bigsmile: And I walked to return DVD rental (6 mi) :bigsmile:
  • Sinisterly
    Sinisterly Posts: 10,914 Member
    EAR SHATTERING LOUD music to ease the pain.
  • blacklabelbabe
    blacklabelbabe Posts: 48 Member
    Realizing I get to see CLUTCH on Friday! And the decision to indulge in beer on Friday too :)
  • granolagirl
    granolagirl Posts: 45 Member
    The sound of my childrens laughter as we played at the park today.
  • MysteriousMerlin
    MysteriousMerlin Posts: 2,270 Member
    Drove an hour each way to have a Sunday lunch with my momma :smooched:

    We work together, so there's little mother-daughter talk going on, as I have a position higher than hers. Have to keep it strictly professional at work.
  • Seajolly
    Seajolly Posts: 1,435 Member
    I got to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in months and we saw "Frozen" together.
  • I played basketball with my kids and won!
  • megan_elizabeth8
    megan_elizabeth8 Posts: 216 Member
    I managed to revive a pot plant that my mum tried to kill, and today a flower opened for the first time! :smile:
  • Happy_10yr
    Happy_10yr Posts: 287 Member
    Great lunch conversation.
  • AestheticStar
    AestheticStar Posts: 447 Member
    Completed a 30 minute plyometrics workout, & really challenged myself to push harder. That made me happy.