Would love some active MFP friends!

Title says it all. I'd love some encouraging/motivated people to have as friends here. :)


  • Michmtj
    Michmtj Posts: 11 Member
    yaay! me too :)
  • kagevf
    kagevf Posts: 509 Member
    heck! who needs motivation and encouragement when both are all you. Love your success story!
  • Sarasota_Guy
    Sarasota_Guy Posts: 82 Member
    Hi and welcome! :)
  • cookiealbright
    cookiealbright Posts: 605 Member
    Hi! I'm on here everday, you can add me if you like. Good luck to all of us!! :flowerforyou:
  • TamTastic
    TamTastic Posts: 19,224 Member
    Hellloooooooo! :)
  • zaan83
    zaan83 Posts: 35
    Hi there...

    Firstly congratulations on your amazing achivements!

    Im a new starter, so still a looooong way to go. But seeing success stories like yours is a whole lot of motivation :-)
  • absinthia70
    absinthia70 Posts: 56 Member
    Add me as well - trying to get more friends on here too!
  • MB1306
    MB1306 Posts: 9 Member
    Add me!

    Also looking for motivation and drive to keep going when the days seem bleak
  • me too!! :)
  • Welcome aboard. Feel free to add me.
  • pplf2001
    pplf2001 Posts: 133 Member
    Happy to have more friends too - add me!
  • MWhitt81
    MWhitt81 Posts: 16 Member
    Same here! Anyone feel free to add me. :)
  • MizTerry
    MizTerry Posts: 3,763 Member
    Define "active."

    Sarcastic? Me.
    On daily? Me except for weekends.
    Faithful to my diet? Um...NEXT
    Comment on every little thing you do? Nope, not me, but I do love to comment on funny stuff and on items that actually caused you to take the time to add on your page such as stuff about your kids, your boyfriend, your friends, etc.
    Lost a pound? Here is your kudos now. I don't comment on those.
  • Calliope610
    Calliope610 Posts: 3,771 Member
    I'm active (345 days in a row today! Yay me!). Check out my profile; if you like what you see, add me.
  • Rugbynutter
    Rugbynutter Posts: 33 Member
    Me too - trying to get leaner and working hard. Started before Christmas but had to stop, started again last week. Add me if you like, never considered using the site as social media only tracking my progress but always keen to chat and swop ideas.

    What some of you guys have achieved already is amazing - keep going!
  • natty1408
    natty1408 Posts: 62 Member
    Hi, Please feel free to add I log daily. Natalie : D
  • denisemcgee547
    denisemcgee547 Posts: 6 Member
    Recently started as I have been comfort eating, my boyfriend split up with me on new years day and my friend has had relationship worries and it started getting to me, need to get fit for the TA and also for personal reasons, started couch to 5k last week but a bit of encouragement would be good for me, plus got college exams starting soon should be fun.
  • mwhite61451
    mwhite61451 Posts: 209 Member
    Count me in...some amazing stories here!!
  • airdale8263
    airdale8263 Posts: 2,155 Member
    Hi! I'm on here everyday, you can add me if you like. Support is nice but it all depends upon you to accept the lifestyle change.