How many in their 30's???



  • metulchik
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  • AcidWords21
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  • natty9119
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    31 in 2 months :( I'm still 17 in my head :)
  • Sunshine2plus2
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    34 here!
  • CMenendez
    CMenendez Posts: 62 Member
    31 in 4 days (making this decade my best yet!)
  • therealblackdahlia
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    35, my birthday is next week! :)
  • KristinNicole82
    KristinNicole82 Posts: 164 Member
    32 and in the best shape of my life
  • zaan83
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    Hi..Im also 30 and hoping to end up looking like I did in my 20s (or even better!)
  • Velasca
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  • DeadliftAddict
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    33 and loving it.
  • insane5150
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    34 (i think) after 25 I starting losing track of my age.

    *counts years * Yeah I am 34, hehehe
  • I'm 35...soon to be 36 in five days. :)
  • Katie7743
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    I just turned 37 and feel the best I have ever felt before. I use myfitnesspal everyday. If anyone wants to be my friend, all I ask is for you to enable your diary so I can get ideas on what to eat. I love this site and its FREE :)

    My name is Katie7743
  • refuseresist
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    I am in my thirties. Have lost and gained weight a couple of times, struggling at the moment. Would like people to be pals and comment on my diary :-)
  • Just entered the 30 club on Dec 15.... feeling 20 and can still go for 25 lol :.... Found out I had type 2 Diabetes 15 days after my b day . My awesome Doc introduced me to this app and I've been going hard ever since one day at a time. Soon I will be healthy and no finger poking will have to be done :) Good Luck on your healthy journey everyone!!!!
  • I'm screaming the same thing ... just turned 30 as well.... you go girl lol
  • 30ish going on 18. =)
  • Inkratlet
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    I'm 30!
  • Dozer91
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    I am 37 and more active and in shape than in my 20s! I love to play hockey, swim and box. I love meeting new people on MFP so send me a friend request and lets motivate each other. Yay!
  • jjennyb4
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    I am 32 currently, my birthday is next month ;(