Substitute for rice & spaghetti

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Hi All, Was wondering what you all use as a substitute for rice & spaghetti? I love them both and they're really easy and convenient for lunch but I realizd it's just too much carbs. Any suggestions would help. I'm going shooping today so I would like to add something to my grocery list. I already know about spaghetti squash. I've had it & enjoy it, but to me it's not a substitute for spaghetti - unless you all have a recipe that is good. Thanks!


  • If you have a mandolin, julienne zucchini and yellow squash so it's stringy like spaghetti. Soak it in water to maximize your water content. Saute it up in olive oil and fresh garlic and add some cooked spaghetti. It's a fantastic way to stretch your pasta. One of my favorite recipes!!! You can eat a lot of it and not feel gulty!!!
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    Have you looked into Chinese bean vermicelli? I am not sure if it is much better on the carb count, though. The MFP database entries for it vary a lot. I get the impression that some entries are for cooked weight and others uncooked. I like quinoa, but I doubt it is much better on the carb count either. Shirataki noodles, being essentially undigestible, thus calorie free would certainly be low carb, but I have never tried them.
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    As for substituting the rice, I use cauliflower. You can put it in a processor and it breaks into tiny pieces like rice, then cooks rather quickly. I also make the mock cauliflower mashed potatoes. There are recipes for it online.
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    Spaghetti Squash is a great 'sgetti substitute, just don't overcook it or it becomes a mushy mess!!
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    Thanks everyone! I heard about the cauliflower & I like it raw and steamed. It should be good mashed. I will try the spaghetti squash again too. Just need to make some adjustments to get these last few pounds off. Thanks again!
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    Rice: grated cauliflower, quinoa, barley, couscous
    Spaghetti: Zuchini ribbons, squash, shiritaki noodles, miracle noodles,
  • I use spaghetti squash. cut in half, take the seeds out, wash and bake cut side down in over at 350 degrees for about an hour. Let cool then use a fork to "shred" the insides I made a modified version of squash and cheese yesterday and it was amazing!
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    My wife and I don't eat pasta at all. It's one of our trigger foods so we avoid it completely. With pasta, really all we are looking for is a vehicle for the sauce. So, we julienne zucchini and have Zoddles and sauce!

    We also don't eat rice. We've switched over to using quinoa. The taste and texture are different, but we think it's pretty good. Just a quick tip, if you make it, cook it with chicken broth instead of water. Gives it a better flavor.
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    I love julienned zucchini and yellow squash. Quite yummy and can serve with any type of sauce. I use a lot of zucchini in place of pasta in lasagna.