Three Week Challenge

Hi All,

I'm starting a group which will run for three weeks (Jan 19 - Feb 8th in my part of the world: may be a day later depending on where you are). I want a maximum of 10 people so once 10 people are in I'll no longer accept new people - of course if it fills up there's nothing to stop someone else making a similar group and running their own.

So, here's the deal. I want people who will

1. Log in and comment (in the group thread) every day for three weeks.
2. Set a specific goal for themselves for the next three weeks (so we're all going to be working on different things but everyone will have a focus).
3. Have an open diary.
4. Be honest. None of this unicorns crapping rainbows, WTG type comments. If I have a sucky day food wise for goodness sakes have the courage to tell me I'm making crap choices. If you're a person who will get your feelings hurt by me telling you your choices are poor then please don't join this group. We're all different and there's nothing wrong with doing better on positive feedback as compared to scolding but I already have overly high self esteem - I need reality!

Why am I doing this? I've found in the past that a focused group experience is really helpful for me. As long as the other people are committed then it helps keep me honest and on track. I won't want to run but I won't want to admit I didn't so I'll get off my butt and go!

Why for three weeks? Well if you join the group I'll let you know my personal motivation when we all introduce ourselves.

Think this sounds like it's for you? Reply in this thread. First 9 people will get an invite. But please, only ask to join if you feel you can carve out space in the next three weeks to focus.


  • cutiepie9447
    cutiepie9447 Posts: 79 Member
    I'm interested...I like group challenges
  • Count me in...have just returned to the site so this should be excellent motivation.
  • Xiaolongbao
    Xiaolongbao Posts: 854 Member
    Ok. Invites sent to both of you. Hopefully you can join and then post in the introduction thread.
  • Please add me!! My birthday is Feb 8 so the challenge is great timing!!!
  • Xiaolongbao
    Xiaolongbao Posts: 854 Member
    Perfect! I've sent you an invite.
  • happynita
    happynita Posts: 7 Member
    Count me in, please! I need some external motivation ... and can be encouraging if you don't get too whiney ;)
  • Count me in..
  • Xiaolongbao
    Xiaolongbao Posts: 854 Member
    Invitations sent.
  • Can I join? I love the idea!!
  • trixiemou
    trixiemou Posts: 554 Member
    HI, found you here. Sounds like a good plan to get back into motivation mode
  • butterflylover527
    butterflylover527 Posts: 940 Member
    I'd love to join of there's still room sweetie! I loved the one we did before :)
  • retailbna
    retailbna Posts: 5 Member
    Me too! I'd love to join if you have room for one more!
  • AngelRobbie
    AngelRobbie Posts: 153 Member
    I think I'm a person over, but if you'll take me I'd love to join this! It sounds like exactly what I need right now!
  • armmh
    armmh Posts: 25
    I will if there is still room...
  • Vorcha
    Vorcha Posts: 126
    I'd love to join too! Ahh! It's the kick up the *kitten* I really need, I've been cheating myself a lot lately and having people who aren't going to sugarcoat things while being constructive works for me.
  • Xiaolongbao
    Xiaolongbao Posts: 854 Member
    Ok. Everyone above this post I'll add you. Please sign into the group and introduce yourself and tell us your goals! It's a few more than 10 but if everyone's keen lets go for it.

    Anyone who arrives after this post, sorry - maybe next time. But why not start your own similar thread. I've done this a few times and there's always plenty of people who want to participate.

    Good luck to you.

    (give me a few minutes to add you all to the group)
  • tigerjane81
    tigerjane81 Posts: 39 Member
    Sure, if there's still room I'm game. I just started ramping up my half training & getting serious with my eating again, so good timing.
  • lpina2mi
    lpina2mi Posts: 425 Member
    Just what I need to get back on track. I began logging again on Saturday, albeit not nailing my macros yet. Reasserting my will to exercise properly every day, too.