Please help - need some ideas to keep me full all day!

Hi - I am finding that I can eat sensibly and healthily during the day, but, come the evening, my willpower seems to go out the window. This is not helped by the fact my little girl is having bedtime issues currently which means on some days, when myself and my husband work, she eats her dinner before us and we end up battling to get her to bed, which takes ages, which means we don't get our dinner til really late, and then I find myself reaching for the chocolate to keep me going until I do eat! On the flipside, on the days we eat our dinner with her, which of course is earlier, by 9pm I'm finding I'm getting the urge to snack. Any ideas on what I can eat, and when, that will stop me from doing this? I'm not saying I have to cut out all chocolate or cheese, don't think anyone should do that, just need some advice on better stuff to snack on and maybe some advice on better meal ideas generally - what do you guys eat?

Just for example, on the days I work, I'll eat lunch around 1:30/2, have a snack around 4, and then, if it's a nightmare nighttime with the little one, I don't get dinner til 9/9:30!!

Thanks everyone :-)


  • dianeellen2
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    I stuggle with evenings too - when i get home from the gym (about 7pm) i am starving!

    I have a yogurt, a 100 calorie chocolate bar (like a penguin or time out) and if i am really struggling a 40 cal hot chocolate

    Hope that helps
  • Ninkyou
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    Protein and fiber will help you feel fuller longer.

    So, for you snack, eat something with those, like greek yogurt and it should help a little.

    Otherwise, plan to snack again before dinner and have something waiting for you at home until you can eat. Just owrk it into your calorie goal.
  • OnlyEmma
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    You can generally find low cal flapjacks in the supermarket or make your own. Just a little boost to keep you going!
    Or if you need the chocolate fix, have hot chocolate or a low cal chocolate mousse..

    Hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top and in the microwave for 20secs, is yummy and keeps me fuller for longer in the evenings

  • arrseegee
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    Vege sticks with or without hummus
    A piece or two of cheese
    Yogurt with fruit
    Wholegrain crackers with hummus
    Hot chocolate made with water

    For me having a bag of carrots in the fridge that I could access whenever was quite helpful.

    Another thing you could try is saving some calories during the day so you can have a snack a couple of hours before dinner. There is no rule that says you need to have x number of meals per day and I realise when you are also cooking for your husband you can't just do your own thing, but the list above are some suggestions for when you get desparate, and if the problem persists then try changing how frequently you are eating during the day to help stave you off until dinner.
  • misscoastal
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    Thank you all for your ideas....I shall be trying them out....and strengthening my resolve!! x
  • StefPayne
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    Popcorn is a go to for me along with raw veggies and fruit.
  • gloriaqzhao
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    Thank you all for your ideas....I shall be trying them out....and strengthening my resolve!! x

    Hard boiled egg works for me. They are only 70 cal each. I always carry a couple of eggs with me to cure the hunger attack. They do not cause insulin spike like the sweet energy bars.
  • rach41413
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    I struggle with evenings a lot too - if I'm low on calories, I tend to go for cottage cheese, plain Greek yogurt with berries, some lunch meat and cheese, fresh veggies, or boiled eggs. If I have more calories available, I still try to choose foods that are good for me, but splurge a little - raisin bran with milk, popcorn, or peanut butter on toast. If I have a feeling that I'm more bored than hungry, I'll drink a cup of hot green tea first...that usually gives me a better idea of how hungry I really am and is totally guilt-free! :)
  • bacitracin
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    Peanut butter on celery? Guacamole on celery? Good healthy fats and protein.
    GURLEY_GIRL3 Posts: 359 Member
    Light or airpopped popcorn. I make on stove w/ olive oil (great) Cheese and apple or peanut butter apple. whole wheat waffle w/ peanut butter and 1/2 banana. If i eat some protein like cheese or peanut butter I stay full longer. Like today I ate a Special K cereal bar for convience and im starving right now!!
  • sunshyncatra
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    I set aside calories for snacks in the evening (usually popcorn). Other than that, try to get yourself on a set schedule so you aren't starving at night. I'm sure your patience with your daughter runs thinner when you are running on an empty stomach. If you can't, quick snacks I go to are: string cheese, greek yogurt with fruit, baggies of fresh veggies, cottage cheese, a quick bowl of low-sugar cereal, or toast with butter.
  • Briargrey
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    I weight my calories so I have a lot left for dinner and evening snack. I just found it works with me and my hunger patterns. I typically have yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, a ton of raspberries, carrots, and cucumbers for work day snacks, some meat and cheese with lunch, and the rest is left for dinner and snack. If I'm feeling peckish, I have some high protein or fat items like roasted pumpkin seeds or edamame (carefully measured since a little goes a long way), and adjust my evening meal down accordingly if needed.

    Consider pre-logging what you plan to eat for the day and for dinner/evening snack, so you know what you can have too. It can help you make better choices, like knowing you have the cals for a cheese stick to munch on for sustenance and fuel for the bedtime battle :)
  • TillyTick
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    I try to get myself out of the way from food and keep busy until it is time to eat. I love a hot bubbly bath with a diet coke and listen to a story podcast, lights off and a candle.