Any Londoners??


Today is my first day on here and I would love to have some fellow Londoners on here that would maybe like to go walking/running together or tto just take time out with and chill while we are doing this weight loss journey.

I appreciate all request sent even from non Londoners I would still be happy with your request and show you the same support : )


  • Flex382
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  • LosingExtraKristy
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    I wish!! I'm from Wisconsin. :flowerforyou: (that being said...I love WI, but I would love to be where you are!)
  • Graceious1
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    Yes I am and maybe it's because I'm a Londoner that I love London so... :heart:
  • "You sound like your from Landan" ~ Paul Rudd... Am also from London. Boom!
  • MoiKarina
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    I'm not from London but were there a few weeks ago and just wanted to say that I had loved it. :bigsmile:
  • TheBoldCat
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    London's my home for last 6.5 years
  • Pickledpiper
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    oh me me!!! I'm from London (well by way of America), but I live here now!!
  • sijomial
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    Sarf Lunnen or North Landan me old china?
  • mortuseon
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    Not a Londoner as such but presently living here for university (UCL). Add me if you wish.
  • lulabellarama
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    Born and bred Londoner. Although I'm currently living in Sussex so not really around to 'chill' with you I'm afraid.
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    Another Londoner here!
  • Global_Local
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    I'm a newbie here - just joined today! I live in South London, and would love to have an accountability partner! I have 59 lbs to lose!
  • juliecl86
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    OK it is nearly London like 5 mins away litteraly !

  • Another Londoner here!
  • pyrowill
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    Does Staines count?
  • zaan83
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    Hi there - Im in North London (Enfield)....anybody in or around this area?
  • reeny34
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    Another fellow Londoner here (north west)
  • Bambalina_1
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    I'm a Londoner :0) South East
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    Cor blimey, strike a light. Up the apples and pears.

    Actually I'm a Jock. Who works in London (stays in twickenham thru the week) and goes back to Cheshire every weekend.
    Feel free to add me. I've been a part time Londoner for 8 years now