Calories From Fat

I am using my BodyMedia armband again and the new Dashboard keeps telling me "You went over the 35% goal for calories from fat". It seems I regularly get 42% of my calories from fat. I know cutting out butter is a start. However, what other good "every day food" recipes are there for daily eating?? Low fat isn't always high taste.


  • neanderthin
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    Depends on your goals and the foods that you prefer. I'm around 40% fat as well, my lower macro are carbs with about 25%, that's what works for me.
  • MityMax96
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    Most studies show that at minimum
    Fat intake should be 0.4 - 0.5 gr / pound of body weight.

    So if you were doing 2000 calories...
    That is about 800 calories == ~88 gr of fat.
  • ImLaurie
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    Okay so MityMax, I am 272 lbs at a max of 1800 calories per day.
    What is the calculation?? I'm not a math brain :(
  • parkscs
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    Is there a particular reason you have your fat macro set at 35%? Honestly macros are things you should experiment with to find what works for you, and unless you have a good reason for wanting it to be at 35%, I'd say stop worrying about it and perhaps up it to a higher percentage so that it fits your preferred diet. There's no reason you can't eat 40% fat calories, rather than 35%, and still lose weight on a caloric deficit.
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    Also keep in mind that a lot of foods contain large amounts of healthy fats like avocados and nuts. :)
  • bacitracin
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    Have you talked to a Registered Dietitian instead of random schmoes on the internet?
  • MityMax96
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    Okay so MityMax, I am 272 lbs at a max of 1800 calories per day.
    What is the calculation?? I'm not a math brain :(

    Are you trying to maintain or lose weight??

    At that weight and 0.4 gr, you are looking around 100 - 108 gr == 900 - 972 calories.

    Now if you are trying to lose weight, then what I would do is base it on 250 lbs, til you reach that.
    Then base it on 225 lbs, til you reach that....
    And so on....keep scaling it down til you hit your target.....

    Just an idea.
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    Butter does taste good.. but it's not necessary to make foods taste good. And butter is fine unless you are eating a ton of it a day.

    I use pam spray a lot. or will cook meat in the frying pan and then saute the greens with the grease left from the meat. :)

    I think you can change your %.. mine never tells me I go over.. but I have mine linked with MFP and I have MFP custom set to my goals.. so maybe that is why?:
  • ImLaurie
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    I am on the path to lose 100 lbs. So I know cutting out butter and mayo is one way to eliminate the unhealthy fats. I did see a nutritionist in 2013. So I know ultimately what is and is not good. Also supposd to be Gluten Free. That's much harder than the butter!!!

    I'm using the BodyMedia system and their website. THAT is the place that gives you suggestions based on your food. They specifically stated try to keep it down to less than 35 as a 'standard'.