28 pounds down!!!!!! :D (with pics) First time posting !!

I am SO happy that I am a success story :) I started using MFP in June 2013, and have been using it religiously since!!
I've been always slim but gained weight once I started working a desk job 3 years ago (30lbs)... but I knew that I needed to change!!!

I was feeling so bad about myself due to having to buy new clothes because my old ones were no longer fitting.. I also have acid reflux often and having extra tummy weight was definitely making that way worse.. I also started waking up if I slept on my back gasping for breath (which no longer happens now). I overall was feeling like crap.

However, I decided to change how I eat FOR GOOD!!!! I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!

What I've learned: You don't lose weight to love yourself, you lose weight BECAUSE you love yourself.

I'm 5' 5" 23 yrs old
SW: 177lbs
CW: 149lbs
GW: 145lbs






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