Women Who Lost 100+ Pounds

How many pounds lost did you average on a weekly or monthly basis until you dropped your first hundred pounds?

I am averaging between 1 and 2 pounds a week. My MFP goals say I should be averaging 3.1 pounds a week.

I know slow and steady is the way to go, but I started out a 330 pounds and I feel like with such a large deficit I should be losing weight more rapidly in the beginning months.


  • miratime
    miratime Posts: 19 Member
    I lost about ten pounds a month using just MFP and their suggested 1000 calorie a day deficit (I usually came very close to my goal and very rarely over) from Feb-Aug 2013. In February I weighed about 285.

    At the end of August I got a Fitbit so it's been a little different tracking since then but I'm still losing about 8 pounds a month. Down 111 at this point overall from Nov 2012 to now.
  • gamergirl180
    Wow congrats on your loss! Thanks for the info, it's very helpful. I am averaging between 5 and 6 pounds a month which just seems kinda low.
  • 302cupcake
    I lost 14 pounds per month in the first 6 months and then slowed a little, but I was under a doctors care regarding my low calorie intake (1100-1300 per day). I didn't really exercise until I lost the first 50 pounds, but exercise did help and still helps me keep my weight stable.

    Have you seen a doctor? Getting my thyroid on track made things easier.