I have struggled with weight loss for about 3 years but....

I just want to say I have struggled with losing weight for about 3 years now. I would start a diet, give up in a week, and go back to eating junk food. Finally, I looked in the mirror and said you know what, this is my year. I'm more determined than ever. My sister is the one who introduced me to the 17 day diet, and I started it on Monday. Were doing it together and today is my 5th day on the diet, and I'm proud to say I've lost 8 pounds!! I couldn't believe it! My goal is to lose 60 pounds all together. I'm not sure why this time is different, but I just keep thinking " 6 months out of your life" it's only 6 months, to give up everything you want. Of course when I do reach my goal I plan on keeping the weight off. But I plan on following the diet to the tee until then. And I've only been on this for a little over a week and can tell you I no longer crave the sugar anymore. I have energy, and I'm not tired all the time. I can't wait to see how much I've lost at the end of phase 1 of my first 17 days! This diet really works. I'm already happy than ever.


  • What is this diet called? It sounds like its working great, I'd like to try it.
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    You've burned almost six thousand calories per day for five days? I find that hard to believe. It's just water flushing out of your muscles, most likely.

    8 pounds x 3500 calories/pound = 28,000 calories
    28,000 calories / 5 days = 5,800 calories/day

    Scales lie, don't go by scales. The big numbers are really motivating in the beginning of a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, but the thing about DIETS is that they are not meant for long-term success. What happens at the end of the 17 days? Will you have learned to reduce your caloric intake overall? Will you have repaired any metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance you may have? Will your cholesterols be better? Will your endurance have improved or will you have built any muscle?

    Focus on reducing your body fat percentage slowly while retaining lean muscle mass. Change your life to change your body.

    *edit* Fad crash diets like this one are the exact reason you've struggled for years, your weight bouncing back and forth like a yo-yo. You have the power to succeed, but you are not taking the path to it. Willpower is difficult at first, but it's a learned behavior. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets, like any part of you. Being healthy in the modern world is not easy and requires changing your entire worldview, but it is possible and I hope to see you here in another year posting of your victory.
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    Plan on welcoming all of your weight lost plus some when you're done. There is absolutely no point in doing a "diet" that is unsustainable for the rest of your life. Please stop wasting your time and your health.

    This is tough love, BTW. THIS is support.
  • Well I started the diet on Monday. It's called the 17 day diet, you buy the book. Yes, I understand that when you first start dieting you lose water weight. This is how I eat. 4 egg whites for breakfast, organic frozen berries and 1 cup of Greek yogurt. Lunch, 1/2 cup of ground turkey chili, broccoli that follows. Same thing for dinner. Snacks, grapefruit, cucumbers, peppers. I drink all of my water that I'm supposed to drink, and tomorrow will be my first week. Yes I have lost 8 pounds. I weighed myself on Monday 222 and this morning I weigh 214. I exercise everyday and your question is what happens after the 17 days? After the first 17 days, which is "the first phase" you start the "second phase" which is the next 17 days.., which is instead of only being able to eat ground turkey, you can incorporate red meats now,,, the chili that I make in the first phase, cannot have any beans in it. Second phase, you can add black beans and you can eat different fruits.... Third phase the next 17 days, you can incorporate a little more. Going by the book, he says you can lose up to 15 pounds the first phase. Then after that, your probably at 2 pounds per week or 3. Then what happens after you complete all 3 phases? You start back in phase 1.., and so on and so forth. THIS DIET IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. IT IS MEANT TO BE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. And I'm so glad to have people like yourself mock me, because it is these people that I look up to for motivation. I'm so determined this time and nothing is stopping me. I'm eating healthy, exercising, doing what I have to do, and I feel great! I no longer feel tired anymore, and I KNOW I can do it. So thank you so much for that. You motivate me to keep going. :))))
  • This diet is sustainable for the rest of your life! What I mean is after I reach my goal weight, I still want to eat great and be healthy. But at least when I reach my goal weight I won't feel bad about myself if I decide to go n vacation and eat some things that I want to eat and know that I'll be able to eat it.. And not have to feel fat about eating it. That's what I meant.
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    Great job on sticking with it for almost a week. Now the problem with this is the stricter the diet is the harder it is to maintain over a long period of time. Why do something that you don't like enough that you have to tell yourself it's only for 6 months, when you can just figure out a reasonable calorie deficit and eat things you enjoy in moderation?

    For me I would go off the deep end if I was that strict and would probably be driving to every food place I could just because this diet says I can't.

    But good luck to you