Everyone poops. . . .



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    Another vote for upping fiber. I also take pro-biotics and aloe vero juice to keep my tummy in line as I do have some issues. Good luck. Been there, done (well, or couldn't) do that. Good luck :flowerforyou:
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    Coffee. Also, oddly, Kiwi fruit. Constipation is a common ailment during pregnancy and kiwi fruit saved me a lot of pain.
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    I don't see where you are eating any fruits or vegetables in your diary. That would be the problem. :flowerforyou:
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    As a fellow 5' 10" female I noticed that when I started on MFP and was down to around 1500 calories a day the frequency of BMs dropped off.
    And why wouldn't it considering I'd been easily consuming double that amount of calories per day for years before.

    When I cut my food intake by more than half of course my "output" should also decrease.

    Continue drinking lots of water and you'll get into a new rhythm.
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    First off, some people don't poop that often - like every 3-7 days. :blushing:

    Second, when you are eating healthier, your body my consolidate and digest food more efficiently and you get fewer, more solid poops. Let's just say I know someone in my family who had this change occur when he lost a lot of weight.

    Third, high fiber will cause that change as well. There are lots of natural sources. Because my husband has diverticulitis, we both also use metamucil, which you can just take in a glass of water every day. It's a plant based digestive fiber and keeps all that plumbing working particularly well. Any drug store sells it. It is not a laxative or an anti-diarheal. It's just the kind of fiber you'd get if you ate a lot of apples.

    You just quit smoking - that changes everything in your body, including how your guts move food. And congratulations! That is AWESOME!
  • Thank you everyone for all the suggestions! I will definitely do what I can. My weight ticker is inaccurate, I need to update it. I have only lost 8 pounds since the new year. But it seems to be a consensus that I need to be eating more. I will certainly try that. Along with more fruits and veggies. Thank you for your comments. May you all be healthy, safe, happy and at peace!! Have a great rest of your weeknd
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    I'm encountering this, but I think mine is super simple. Less food shoved in my mouth means less coming out the other end. ????

    Ditto. Eat less, poop less.
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    I poop less often and with less volume now that I don't eat as much, and I think for me that is purely a matter of less in = less out. I eat 50+g fiber most days, have a very well balanced diet full of vegetables, and I still experience this. My old normal was 2-3x a day and my new normal is once every other day. Might be the same for you!
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    For some odd reason I read this thread title with 'Everybody hurts...' playing through my head...:bigsmile:
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    Some great advice has been said here. Eat more calories, more fermentable fiber, maybe up your water even more. At 5'6" and 167, set to lose .5 a week mfp gives me 1850. When I was pregnant I felt effects of dehydration if I drank less than 12 cups a day... 14 was my rarely achieved goal. My research has found that a good goal is half your weight in oz. And give yourself some time. It's great that you quit smoking! Now your body is learning how to poo without nicotine. I'm having issues too, I suspect it's because of not enough water or fiber. Things have been wonky since I had my baby. Before that I was a 1-2 times a day regular. Now I feel lucky if it's every other day.
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    I hear ya! I get 25g+ of fibre, drink my water, but what helps me the most is vitamin c. I am for over 100% of my recommended daily intake, but sometimes if I'm feeling backed up, I have some extra vitamin c and water before bed and that helps. My naturopath recommended that as vitamin c brings water into the bowels. I also found that the second I cut my caffeine intake down to one cup a day, same thing happened. Apparently the same thing can happen when you cut any stimulate, whether that be coffee, cigarettes, etc. After a few months of adjusting, by BMs sorted themselves out.
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    1 tablespoon psyllium whole husks mixed in a large glass of water 3x a day.
    Start with 1 dose a day and gradually work up to 3 a day.
    It is a great way to cure constipation and get enough of all the types of fiber.
    Make sure to drink lots of water as you up your fiber intake!
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    I'm encountering this, but I think mine is super simple. Less food shoved in my mouth means less coming out the other end. ????
    This is what I was wondering. :happy:
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    Not sure how I missed that you quit smoking. Quitting smoking will definitely alter your poo patterns for awhile. It will all balance out eventually. Nicotine is a stimulant and like coffee, can make you go.

    Former smoker here (7 years quit!)
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    Enjoy yourself some coffee ;)
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    Hi, First let me apologize for bringing up poop on a Sunday morning. But I sure would like to have one. That being said, I am a 34 year old female, 5'10" and currently 186 lbs. I started out the New Year with resolutions that I have been able to maintain to date. I quit smoking, started watching my calorie intake(1200+ excercise calories), drinking more water(8-10cups/daily), and working out 3x a week with C25K. Now, with all of that change, I totally understand that my body and chemistry are going to change. However, with all that is changing, I have noticed that my bowel movements are fewer and further between. I am not in constipation pain but, I do wonder if this is normal? if anyone else has experienced such a thing? and if so, what did you do to overcome it? Any suggestions about intestinal health and encouraging healthy flow would be appreciated. Thank you for your suggestions.
    You have lost 19 pounds since the New Year, thus approximately five pounds pounds per week. Your are exercising like crazy, but you are eating UNDER (caps used for emphasis only) 1,200 calories and some days NOT eating much of your exercise calories back. At least that that is what your diary reflects. All this, and you are 5 ft. 10 and in your early thirties.

    The above is why you can't poop. First of all, you are eating WAY TOO FEW calories, and you are losing weight WAY TOO FAST. Granted, at first the weight seems to come off pretty fast, but it should have slowed down by now. I'll be surprised if you are not pretty low on energy by now.

    You need to up those base calories because, due to your height and weight, I doubt that MFP set you up at 1,200 calories a day even if you wanted to lose 2 pounds a week. You also need to start eating more of those exercise calories back. You need to eat more foods with fiber. Heck, you need to start eating more period and slow that weight loss down.

    Also, how much water are you drinking?

    MFP will give a 5'10" girl a calorie goal of 1200 if they want to lose 2lb a week.... That's what it gave me when I recalculated for myself. I stayed on it for about a week, but have since upped it. I'm trying 1600 a day now, and plan to eat back most exercise cals.

    OP, add fibrous foods to your diet, make sure you're hitting nutrition goals and consider upping your calories. If you're not feeling good, there's usually a reason.
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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that 1200 calories is a lot less than you were eating before... or you wouldn't be trying to lose. So you are eating a lot less food. Ergo smaller/less frequent bowel movements.

    In fact, for a 5'10 woman 1200 net is not enough fuel and I suspect you will hit a wall eventually. There is a more comfortable and sustainable way to go about weight loss: eat the maximum amount of calories you can while still losing weight.
    I'm 5'6 and I eat 1600net and losing steadily.

    Please read here to understand how you may be doing yourself a disservice:
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    havnt read all the replies...so apologies if I am repeting. Smoking is a laxative...so is eating. So as you have cut out smoking AND you have decreased your food intake. ..your bowels will be feeling the pinch (so to speak!!) Hang in there. .. it WILL eventually sort itself out...meanwhile lots of fibre. .. good luck:smile:
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    If you can't stomach high fibre foods (like me) and Metmucil is vomit-inducing (ditto), try the Ultra Fibre tablets, which are 100% natural (made from psyllium and prunes).

    Two tablets a day, and I'm a regular gal. :laugh:
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    Kombucha will get that ball rolling, hoooolllyyy crap. I drank 2 bottles (4 servings) in 2 days and I could not stop pooping. It was like an hourly thing rather than a daily thing. (I have since slowed down consumption to 1 serving every other day.