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New member! Come and say hi :P

Hey ya'll :)

I'm a 26, soon to be 27, year old guy from Tromsø, Norway. I've basically been way bigger than anyone else all my life.
As a kid I was 2-3 heads larger then everyone else and even though I wasn't obese I got picked at all the time during my childhood.

When I started Junior high, I stopped being active and started gaining weight. And now I'm tired of it, so I started changing everything.

Before joining I lost about 13kg (or about 28.5 pounds) but around Christmas I kinda stopped working out and my progress stopped. But now I'm back training and I noticed that my eating habits were way off and I was basically not getting enough calories.

So this week I've been eating, trying to get enough of everything while training hard. I've just weighted myself and I'm looking forward to see if I'll start getting better results next week :)

Well.. this became a long post all the sudden. Anywho, thanks to everyone for reading (if you did) and I'm eager to see what more I can get out of this website :)

- Roberth