Seattle or Boston? Why? (Considering some job offers)

Kacie_88 Posts: 26 Member
I'm considering some job offers on opposite sides of the country. I've lived in upstate NY and am used to the east coast, but hear nice things about the west coast as well.

So, without me going into much detail, I just wanted to ask.

Seattle or Boston? And why?


  • craigheon
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    My brother in law moved from the Boston area out to Washington State and he loves it out there. Besides it being rainy a good portion of the year, there's a ton of stuff to see, and if you are active, the mountains out there are nothing like we have on the East Coast! Also, Vancouver isn't far away either. Good luck on your job search and decision!
  • Inner_Goddess
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    Seattle! Absolutely my favorite place to be. The culture, the opportunities for fun, the wineries that are near, the lush greenery and the climate! Love the people, we have a Super Bowl team ;), the mountains and the outdoors, the ocean and the access to all of it.
  • summertime_girl
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    Hard to articulate, but even though I'm a suburbanite now, Boston's my home. I love the vibe, the history, people, sports. Only thing I don't love is the winter weather. And the costs, though I suspect Seattle would be similar there. Love that the ocean is close, and the mountains are too.
  • Kacie_88
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    Thanks for the input! I hope I get some more opinions. :)
  • You couldn't go wrong with either of those choices. It rains too much for my taste in Seattle but much more beautiful(Mountains) than Boston. It might just be do you care staying away from your family and on other side of the country.
  • NormInv
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    I have lived and worked in Seattle so I will pick Seattle because I have not heard great things about Boston.

    Boston may have more to offer as a city but if you are into outdoors then you cant beat the Pacific NW.

    Boston is very uppity - more than most other major cities.
  • summertime_girl
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    Boston is very uppity - more than most other major cities.

    We're super friendly. Unless you like the Yankees.
  • Bahet
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    Seattle. In a heartbeat. No contest.