Cheat day

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I wonder if anyone here does a cheat day. I go out to dinner with my husband once a week, so that's my cheat day. Do you just not count on that day? I was following another tracking program and didn't bother to count, but now I'm in a program through my workplace, so the leaders in that program actually look at our food diary and track our progress.

I was rather shocked by how much I ate over my allowance, even though I wasn't bingeing by any means, just a slice of pizza at Bertucci's, splitting an anti-pasta (which is roasted vegetables, ham, a little cheese), two rolls, and two glasses of sangria. The rolls and sangria really pushed it up there. According to the diary, I would gain 10 lbs. in a month if I ate like that every day! It's kind of scary and makes me think I should never eat out again or only eat a salad with low fat dressing and nothing else at a restaurant.

I'm a small person, so it is conceivable that I could undo an entire week's progress with one meal of bad eating. I actually took 2 fiber pills and ate bran flakes the next day so that I can eliminate some of the extra calories.


  • I wouldn't be able to have a cheat day. If I did, I'd end up binge eating and stuffing my face with way too much junk. I'd probably end up ruining the entire week's worth of watching my food intake.
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    I do not allow myself a cheat day, but a cheat meal or cheat snack. I think that for me, if I were to give in to a full cheat day, then I would undue everything that I have worked so hard for all week. I allow myself a treat once a week, be it an ice-cream with my daughter, a chocolate bar, or a dinner date with my husband that I split for lunch the next day. I believe that if I do not allow myself these small treats, then one day I may be out somewhere and binge causing myself grief and guilt. There have been some weeks when I have not had any treats at all, especially when I know that there is something special coming up (etc. Valentines day is around the corner).. Hope this helps. :smile:
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    I have a cheat day if there's something going on (ie hanging out with friends, dinner date with the husband, etc.). But I do still track the calories as best I can. I'm trying to be aware of how much I'm ACTUALLY eating on those cheat days, so perhaps over time my cheat days will become a bit lower-calorie. Honestly, going to restaurants on cheat days stresses me out. I have to look at the menu online and figure out what I'm eating beforehand, so there aren't any surprises. More often than not, I'd rather just have a regular, home cooked meal, with an extra roll, or glass of milk, or whatever.
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    I used to have a cheat day, just once a month, and it was detrimental to my weight loss. I could clear 6000 calories in food and another 3000 in booze, easy. For me, it's always go big or go home. I couldn't just cheat a little or what was the point? So I don't cheat now and I've lost eight pounds last week.
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    I have a cheat day once a week and eat about 2000 calories. I obviously log the calories but I feel better by doing exercise on the day!
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    I do have cheat days about once a week.

    I would eat vegetable soup (or cucumber soup) the next day.
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    I do a cheat meal (still log it). An entire day of cheating is too much for me.
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    I developed my lifestyle and food intake to not desire or need a cheat day. Its kind of a setting to an addictive outcome in my opinion. I rather enjoy everyday eating instead of always hoping for that one cheat day to come. And with so many awesome alternatives I found to replace my old addictive food tastes, I'm happy to enjoy the foods I do have while keeping the weight off and feeling amazing :) just my opinion :) \m/\m/
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    I wouldn't be able to have a cheat day. If I did, I'd end up binge eating and stuffing my face with way too much junk. I'd probably end up ruining the entire week's worth of watching my food intake.

    I'm with you. "Cheat day" turns into "cheat week" then it becomes "I'll begin again some time in the future." By the time I decide to get back on my program I've gained all my weight back plus another 20 extra pounds!
  • I do a cheat meal but log it anyway. I usually have a very small breakfast and lunch if I know I am going to be having a calorie rich dinner. I also make sure to move around more that day just to burn those extra few calories. I've surprised myself a few times though, when my cheat meal ends up fitting in to my allowance anyway.

    Always, ALWAYS log it. Even if you know you're going over you need to log it anyway, it makes you more accountable and gives you a better idea of just how many calories food costs.
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    I guess I would call it a "cheat meal", since I eat what I normally eat throughout the rest of the day. I guess logging it was an important exercise for me because it makes me see what foods and beverages really "cost" me. Also, I didn't even "pig out" since we brought most of the pizza home for the rest of my family to share.