Too early to hit a 'plateau'??

Now, I am known for having no patience whatsoever, so for me to have stuck to this MFP since the beginning of January is an all time record!
During January I lost 11lb, 6lb the first week, 3lb 2nd week and 2lb last week. Slowing down.. ok fine, but still losing. HOWEVER... Today when I weighed, I wasn't impressed that I'd stayed the same. Is this normal or do I need to recalculate my calorie imput. I HAVE been doing a lot more exercise, ie walking and swimming and I DO feel like I've lost an inch or two from around my waist, but I get easily downheartened and am now so tempted to binge. Resisting furiously at the moment but the danger is always constant.
Any hints and tips would be gratefully appreciated. I have already signed up for the gym at local centre and have induction on Wednesday also booked for aqua aerobics on Thursday.


  • diannethegeek
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    A plateau is generally defined as more like 4-6 weeks without any loss on the scale while doing the same thing. One or two week stalls are, unfortunately, a normal part of the process. Weight loss isn't linear and even in maintenance weight is going to fluctuate from week to week because of all kinds of things (hormones, sodium, stress, etc). It's especially not uncommon to see a stall on the scale when you start a new exercise routine or increase an old one because our bodies flood sore muscles with extra fluid to help heal them. This can mask any fat loss that's happened. This will go away as your body gets used to the new routine.

    Drink plenty of water to help flush out any excess. It's okay to double-check your logging and your goals, but give it another week or two and the weight should start to drop again.
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    Thanks Dianne, will see how things go this week. I am also a creature of habit and so tend to stick to the same foods day in day out. perhaps a change, something different each day may help too. :)
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    11 lbs in a month is a great start! Way to go!
    I weigh daily and it is up and down-it's the 30 day report that REALLY shows that I am losing.
    Go to your gym introduction.
    Sounds like you are right on track!
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    Thanks DIanne for the post. I hit a plateau this week (my fourth week0 and I also joined a 30 day challenge group (planks, push ups, squats) because I wanted to reach small goals to stay motivated. I would not have thought it would hold up my weight loss, although, my thighs do feel tighter/stronger so I am going to push through and carry on!