What ear phones do you guys use for running?

I use an in-ear one and it keeps slipping when I jog. I get super sweaty during my workouts and I am looking for an ear phone that would stay in place.


  • kbmnurse
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    Target $8.99/pr
  • Chieflrg
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    Waterproof and locks in place.
  • JimieLou
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    I formerly had JVC marshmallow ones. They have a puffy marshmallow like pillow around the plastic part of the bud and I never had any problems with them slipping. My boyfriend recently bought me a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre earbuds. They have a silicone pad that keeps them from slipping out of your ears. Although they are pricey, I would highly recommend them. They are super comfy and have fantastic sound quality. I also like that I can pause and adjust the volume using a handy little control on the cord.
  • HikerRR50
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    Bose IE2 worth the splurge IMO
  • Harpin_Maddog
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    Bose ie2 ear bud phones. I can't use anything else. Missing that part of the ear that keeps other ear bud in. Very common issue. These are the only ones that work for me. They say they will fit any ear. Little spendy. About $100. But I have had them over a year and use them 4 to 5 days a week and run about 30+ miles a week and never had a problem. Money well spent.
  • mortuseon
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    I have a pair of Sennheiser CX300 IIs which I adore and have used for running in the past. However, a few weeks ago I got a free pair of headphones with my protein powder (weird, right?) and they stay in my ears, so I decided to use those instead and minimise the damage to my darling Sennheisers.
  • I use the good ol fashioned style that have the band that goes over your head and padded ear phones. They stay in place and have excellent sound! I like JVC.
  • lacroyx
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    Bose IE2 worth the splurge IMO

    have a pair for over 2 years and still work great.
  • JVC in ear with a hook that goes over top of your ear. They're like $10 so I keep a couple pairs around. One in my purse, on in the car, one lost somewhere in the house…

    ETA, I don't care for regular padded on the ear headphones when exercising because they get all damp and sweaty. Yuck :D
  • lizyoface
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    I just use my Boise earphones and they work really well - plus I can BLAST music and no one hears it :) ...The downside is that they aren't cheap but Boise are beyond worth it in the long run!
  • A pair of Sony marshmallow headphones I got for like $30 a few years ago. I can't use earbuds, they hurt like hell after about 10 minutes.
  • kathystrauss1
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    I use Sennheiser PMX 680 and they really stay in place but they are wired. I also use Avantree Jogger Bluetooth headphones that I REALLY like. They stay in place great and I don't have to fiddle with any wires.
  • sm1zzle
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    Great sound, can answer phone calls and skip songs/adjust volume on the left ear cord.
  • horseryder77
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    Waterproof and locks in place.

    This. Worth every penny and are super comfy/great sound and won't slip out of your ears.
    And they have them for women. The iphone ear buds I have don't even sit in my ears when I'm not moving. These won't fall out- I'm very impressed.
  • NCSteveVH
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    Bose IE2 worth the splurge IMO

    have a pair for over 2 years and still work great.

    I third the Bose. Pricey, but sound is incredible. I've used them daily for two years and no problems. Definitely worth the money if you really get into your music.
  • wombat94
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    Jaybird Bluebuds X... bluetooth, made for working out, sweat proof guarantee, multiple sizes of both the in-ear canal cushions and their own ear fit pad thingies that help hold the buds in the ear as well.

    They are amazing - incredibly light and last for many hours on a charge.

    The combination of great sound, secure fit and no wires from my phone made it worth every penny of the (pretty expensive) price.

  • Ive tried a million different brands (YurBuds, Sony, Skull something-or-other), and the only ones that FINALLY work for me are the Koss FitClips! They never fall out and the sound quality is great!
  • AnnACnd
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    I use the ironman yurbuds!! Work really well for me.
  • msflynnbly
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    Just invested in some wireless neckband ones, brilliant, no mores wires, £20 on amazon x
  • stephen4232
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    I just use the ones that come with my iPhone....I find they work very well for me.