'Eating back' the calories used during exercise

How does this work? I have always been led to believe exercise more, eat less.. so what is the point of adding in all that food again. I would have thought that negated all the exercise you do during the day.
Yours.. very confused
Nik :smile:


  • nicmax88
    nicmax88 Posts: 37 Member
    I feel the same! My plan is to add in my exercise just so I have a record, but still think only of calories actually taken in.
  • mom2kpr
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    Because MFP sets up your deficit based on daily activity - excluding exercise. The calorie deficit MFP gives you are what your body needs to function while losing weight. Once you add exercise into your daily routine, you're body needs more fuel (calories) to function. If you are using MFP's calories burned numbers, I would not eat back all of them because they tend to be over calculated, but you should eat back 50 - 75% of them. If you are using a heart rate monitor you can eat back more as it tends to be more accurate.
  • nikifavorido
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    Ok that makes sense to me now.. Thank you :happy:
  • Clint9913
    I actually stumbled upon this method and it has worked fabulously for me.
  • sammcneil
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    you definitely need to fuel your body if you are doing exercise.

    The results can be injury, or sickness.
  • tfoxsail
    That's what I do....eat back around 50% of them. You should be fine and not feel too sluggish.