Progress pic :) 46lbs down



  • Hlschrock1212
    Hlschrock1212 Posts: 18 Member
    Nice job! Love seeing 30 lbs wow wee! Great job!
  • DrMan1
    DrMan1 Posts: 45 Member
    Impressive! Great job
  • Domineer
    Domineer Posts: 239 Member
    I use my old clothes I couldn't fit into as motivation. Yesterday I put on a size large adult shirt I used to wear in 6th grade. I could barely fit it on my chest months ago and now, even though it is quite snug, I can see how far I came for it to fit on my entire body. I am transitioning from 2xl shirts to xl shirts and it is very pleasing. The more photos you take to compare with old ones, the more motivation you will build. Trust me it works. I am here to help as well. :)
  • shrinkingfeefee
    shrinkingfeefee Posts: 39 Member
    You look great, keep pushing forward you've already motivated me so much!
  • Nyksta
    Nyksta Posts: 241 Member
    Beautiful! Congratulations.
  • carlalovescake
    What a beautiful woman you are! You look fabulous :)
  • dxc92
    dxc92 Posts: 138 Member
    Well done you look fab, and I love your hair!
  • Shriffee
    Shriffee Posts: 250 Member
    You look beautiful! Good luck with the rest of your goal. You can do this!
  • bradjg17
    One word: Daaaaaaaaamn
  • snootmaster
    snootmaster Posts: 69 Member
    Such a radiant smile, you are beautiful in both pictures. I am glad you found your motivation again.
  • CeeCee_RB
    You look great!!!!

    Keep it up :D
  • Heather032190
    Heather032190 Posts: 138 Member
    You look great and have came so far! Dont give up now!
  • mamma_nee
    mamma_nee Posts: 809 Member
    Great progress !! Keep it up :)
  • missodu
    missodu Posts: 234 Member
    stunningly gorgeous! great work! keep it up and you will reach your goals!
  • WoodenLamb
    WoodenLamb Posts: 21 Member
    You look vibrant! There's a new light in your eyes and your style is awesome! You're starting to look like ellie goulding!
  • LisaMS83
    LisaMS83 Posts: 41 Member
    Awesome progress! Keep up the good work!!!
  • palmirana
    palmirana Posts: 34 Member
    Terrific job!!!

    You look great!!!

    Keep it up, you're worth it!!!
  • neelia
    neelia Posts: 750 Member
    Congrats! You look amazing! I'm in the same boat as you- my motivation has started to fade even though I have lost so much weight. I feel like I still have so far to go. Ugh!!!

    Either way, keep up your good work. You are beautiful!
  • tasharock
    tasharock Posts: 136 Member
    Great work, keep it up lady!
  • MissSarahAllison315
    The difference is AMAZING!! You look great, girl! Keep up the good work!
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