Can anyone help who struggled w/ starting workout/routine?

Hello everyone,

I have seriously been struggling with getting motivated to start working out & when I do I cant seem to stick to any routine I've tried.

Its easier I know when I first started doing the Couch to 5K program, but I've been on and off that and never progressed very far -- the farthest I got was up to Week 4 last summer, then it got hot outside and there went that....

Anyways, when I was excited about start C25K I did it like every day! But now, since I've been back and forth with it -- it's not like boring, but its not exciting anymore and I cant seem to pick it back up like before now that it's cool outside again.

Ive also tried getting into doing the 30 Day Shred -- but that got pretty boring pretty fast.

I have learned I like to go work out outside, but I need something to get me excited again! I REALLY need to get on this now cause I have a beach trip coming up in May & I really would like to enjoy myself this time.

I would be no where near goal by then, but anything is better than what I got now!



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    I think the important thing is to do something that you really enjoy. I started with walking and built up from there. It was hard in the beginning, but as I got fitter, I starting looking forward to my walks. I am now working on the couch to 5 K and will add weight training as well. But I have also tried other things like Yoga or Zumba. There are a lot of things out there.
    I also have a special playlist for my workouts that help me keep going.
    Don't give up, we all struggle from time to time, but if you stick with it you will reap some unexpected joy along the way, Another thing that was important for me was to not set unrealistic goals. Weighing a lot, I knew that I would not be able to start running right away. So I just started with what I could do and built on from there.
    Now, I am trying to schedule the workouts as part of my routines such as right after work which has helped a lot. If you like company, you could schedule some woorkouts with a buddy. If you know someone is waiting for you, you are less likely to ditch the workout for that day,
    Good luck.
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    I've struggled with this for many years. Then last year I really got serious. I highly recommend Tone It Up ( My DH and I are doing their Nutritional Plan and I'm doing their workouts. They have a weekly calender of workouts Monday -Sunday. This is this weeks.
    I'm suppose to do the workouts 3 x's through but I don't have the stamina for that so I do them 1 time through then walk for 30-40 mins.

    I live in TX so the summers are HOT! DH and I still walked but started at 7-7:30 pm where it's not so hot. It doesn't get dark till 9 pm so in the hottest part of summer we went at 8 pm. We kept it up until November when the time changed and it got too cold to walk. For Christmas DH got us a treadmill so we could keep up walking.

    I also got a Fitbit Zip and make sure I hit my 10k steps a day. Then I subscribe to fitness sites and motivation on FB. The more I see it, the more I'm reminded to workout that day. I've lost 72 lbs so far. Only 20 more to go till my goal weight! DH as lost 40.

    Are you married? Working out with your spouse is so rewarding and it's a great bonding experience. If not, grab a friend and say, lets do this! Having a partner helps to stay on track.

    Good luck! You can do it! Use the trip as your ultimate reward. Also, set mini goals and when you hit them reward yourself with a new pair of jeans or better workout clothes..etc.

    Best Wishes,
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    You have to really want it. Seriously. When you want it bad enough, you will do what it takes to make it happen.

    Start trying out different things. Find something you like. Make some kind of fitness/health goals. Find good music to listen to. Watch your nutrition. For me, I've found personally that on the days I'm active/working out I'm much more determined to keep nutrition in check (I don't want to waste my efforts on stupid snacking that I would have to work off to maintain progress).

    I did couch to 5K last summer, but I did it only 3 days a week. in between those days I was doing something different - elliptical, Zumba, cycling, strength training.
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    You have to really want it. Seriously. When you want it bad enough, you will do what it takes to make it happen.

    That. Finding something fun is key. I always hated exercise, but I love to dance. I bought Zumba for my Wii and it's the only thing I've ever stuck to, mainly because I don't look at it as a workout. I'm branching out to other things now, but on the days that I'm feeling lazy and unmotivated I put the Zumba game on, even if it's just for 20 minutes.
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    Sometimes you just have to do things you do not like or bored with to achieve your goals. You can try to figure something out to make it enjoyable while you are doing them. Give you something to think about. There are plenty of things I would rather do than workout 3-4 times a week and not eat everything i want whenever i want but those choices are what got us all in this weight mess.

    Best thing is you are still obtain all your goals through diet alone. Thats really the first big step anyways.

    GymGeek is a free app i use for weight lifting. its basically a log book on your phone that has timers built in to keep your workout going at a good steady pace and gives you a game plan while you are in the gym so you are not randomly going between exercises.
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    I agree with all the others who say you have to find something you enjoy. I tried so many different things the last 10 years, never stuck to anything (planet fitness, curves, yoga, running, etc)

    Finally I tried Jazzercise last April. I've been hooked since. I haven't lost a ton of weight yet, but I've toned up a lot and I'm stronger and feel so much better. I stick with it because I honestly love the workout, and it's a great group of people. People notice if I'm not there, which makes a difference! I made it to 25 classes just in January!

    It's become such a part of my life, and i know I will stick with it, and the weight will keep coming off (albeit very slowly for me) My good cholesterol went up about 25% since I started!

    I can see myself doing it for many years to come. I'm in my early 40s and the women range between 20s-70s there.

    Keep trying different things, as you never know what you may fall in love with. There are so many choices out there (Cycling, Swimming, Zumba, Spinning, Yoga, Skiing, etc)

    Once you find that one thing you love to do, you will stick with it just because you will miss it if you don't!
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    I finally figured out that I'm not great at motivating myself. So I started taking classes - circuit training and cycling. If I bought a DVD, I know I would never bother to put it in the machine. Classes are exactly what I needed.
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    Try an accountability group or a challenge group. I wouldn't still be at it today, a year later, if I had not joined a 30 Day Shred accountability group here on MFP. I made a commitment to check-in to that group about my daily workout (or even lack thereof), no matter what. And even though I started a week behind everyone else, I continued to check-in (basically to nobody) for that last week, after everyone else was finished. I followed that up with a Ripped in 30 accountability group with the same 1-month set-up. Then, many of us went our separate ways, so we started a "Daily Workout" accountability group for ANY workout, whether it be 30DS or the gym or C25K or swimming or trainer sessions or dance class or anything. The point is to make the commitment to check-in with the group EVERY day (even rest days) in order to form a sense of accountability. It worked wonders for me.

    As for 30DS and C25k, if you got bored of 30DS it's kinda "too bad", sometimes you just have to do it anyway, especially when it's only 30days and you can get such incredible results in such short time. As for c25k, I had thought to do it, but read where someone doing it got to a certain week and couldn't progress and it was because the walking segments blew her momentum. I realized that this would probably happen with me too, so instead of c25k, I just started running and ran as much as I could. I eventually passed the 5k mark (I think in shorter weeks than c25k program) and I still run today. However, I get very easily bored, so I can't run on a treadmill or a loop, I have to be out in neighborhoods and preferably new areas constantly, especially areas with many distractions to keep me from getting bored.

    Good luck! (Sent you a group invite, if you want.)
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    I can relate to your struggle. For more years than I can count, I'd start a program and quit a program, then start a program, then quit a program. I never thought I'd figure out how to exercise regularly. But different people have said it in many ways, you just have to seriously want it and commit. I noticed the pattern in myself and didn't want to have to wait for a major health scare to turn myself around. So at the start of the year, I started new habits, of which exercise was one. A couple things that have helped me:

    - I made a commitment to exercise a minimum of 25 minutes daily. I notice that I'm at my best first thing in the morning, so I try to get my exercise in then. It gets infinitely harder for me after work. But there were days I didn't work out in the morning and I really didn't want to work out in the evening, but I had a streak going and I didn't want to let it go. I literally jogged in place for 25 minutes one night, just to get it in and keep my word. So commit, figure out when you're at your best exercise-wise, get it in (whether you're enjoying yourself or not), and keep track. I put a star on my calendar for every day I workout. Each day I get my workout in, I get to be a rock star!

    - I started with convenience and noticed what I really enjoyed. I'm fortunate enough to have an elliptical/stationary bike in my apartment. So I started by getting on the elliptical daily, which is situated in front of the television, which helped. Once I got to a point where I could stay on the elliptical for 25 minutes (which I couldn't do initially), I noticed I really liked pushing myself, and I liked the feeling in my body when I'd really worked it out. Then I started to get out for a hike on Sundays, which I loved (loved the outdoors and and again pushing myself). Then I started lifting (love the feeling). And just last week I added in a bit of yoga. Oh, and jumping rope. So I keep experimenting to keep it fresh, and now I find I don't have enough days in the week to do all the things my body loves to do. I haven't even thrown in any videos or dancing yet.

    - Finally, I invite others to join me for a hike. It's a great way to socialize in positive ways, rather than over a drink or heavy meal. And it builds support for my goals. Others now think of me when they're getting out to get exercise. It seems to be snowballing, and I'm having the time of my life. My heart is stronger, my body is stronger, and I've still got the streak going. My goal is to keep it going all year. Care to join me?