And this is why you should wait and talk to your Dr!!!



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    Thank you for all the input! The resounding response is basically...ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD and quit freaking out until I speak with my Dr.!!!!! LOL

    I just cant imagine what my labs would have looked like before I started MFP and started going to a trainer back in Sept of 2013! I am trying to look at the bright side! I was just really shocked that there is actually stuff wrong with me and that I alone probably caused all of it because I have been overweight for the majority of my life. It is a decision and I MADE IT. :/

    It is very likely caused by your weight but not certain. Either way, this is the way you were- what's important is that you are different now. The more you grieve about what used to be, the less you can enjoy what you are and what you have now. Regret is a perfectly sensible feeling, but just make sure to remind yourself that you have changed, made decisions, and you will deal with it.
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    OA in my left ankle from a sports injury, had surgery on it when I was 23 where they removed all the cartiledge completely. At that time, my choice was remove the cartiledge (a bone fragment had been floating in my joints since I was 15) or fuse the ankle and walk with a limp. They the Dr.s TOLD me I couldn't walk without a brace any more and this stupid brace went all the way to my knee! They put me on Celebrex and sent me on my way.

    Fast forward I am now 37, I really only have pain I can't stand in it about 8-12 days per year. I walk without the stupid brace and I threw the meds away. Advil and heat help when it hurts. I do jumping jacks and walk for miles without the stupid brace. Can you tell how I feel about the brace?

    This is a little off the OA, but I had a hyst when I was 30. The Dr. told me never to lift over 25 lbs. I regularly lift 40 lb bags and have for years, and just so you know, I get a check up at least once a year and everything is fine.

    This is my take away.. what the Dr.'s say to you can seem devastating at the time. You get in your head you are now limited and that can be a real downer. Just remember, it's your life, your body, listen to it and you will be fine. If you overdo it, remember that and next time make an adjustment. (*because of my ankle, I can't run anymore, but I can do elipticals, bikes, rowing machines, swim and many other things. The options are endless and you will find what works for you). Good luck!

    Also, my husband is 38, has had high cholesterol almost his whole life and under 10% body fat. Exercise is the only thing that helps him if he is not on meds. So his choice is a very active day job, or the meds. His whole family has it and they are all either in a healthy range or under weight for their height.
  • I'm so sorry about the alarming news!
    You mentioned extreme inflammation, and sometimes food allergies
    can cause swellings and discomfort.
    Please ask your doctor or dietician to assist you with an "elimination diet"
    to determine whether or not you need to change your eating habits
    in order to relieve some of your symptoms.
    Best wishes, and better health to you!
  • I have an autoimmune disease as well as my daughter. We both stopped eating gluten, her problems diminished completely, mine, so much better than they were.

    Try it... completely 100% gluten free. It's not as hard as it sounds. There are so many GF options out there these days.

    Good luck, keep us posted.
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    Good job on getting your blood work done and taking it seriously. Don't stress yourself out too much, just start making changes that will lower your numbers. Be sure to exercise and it was recommended to me to use a HRM (heart rate monitor) to ensure I was getting the most out of my workout. I would work on lower your triglycerides; there are things you can do to lower all your numbers. My blood pressure started creeping up which alarmed me enough to change my eating habits and exercise. Good Luck to you. Small changes can make a difference.