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    Hi there!

    I just found out I was PG a couple days ago. I am 5 weeks along.

    I don't want to gain any weight, as I am pretty overweight as it is. But want to keep baby healthy.

    I feel really great and am still able to exercise. No morning sickness yet!

    I am just wondering if anyone conttinued with weightloss while PG. And if so or not how many calories would you reccomend?


    I started on my weighloss journey @ 264lb in 2012 and found out I was preggo with my 2nd angel, so, obviously my doctor saw that I was obese. she recommended to try not to gain more than 25lbs, I ended up gaining 30lb which in my opinion was not that bad. After having my son in Dec, I dropped of course to 278 with just diet and releasing water retention (due to baby) in 2months. I got cleared for exercise and now 246 a year later.

    All I did was drink lots of water and made sure I got my fruit and veggie servings in per day. I also walked as much as possible.
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    I continued counting my calories as well, not to lose weight, but to keep myself from "eating for two". I think that's a great thing to do because gaining too much weight can cause risk factors during pregnancy as well. It's hard not to get in the "oh well, I'm pregnant" mindset, but it sure pays off afterward too, just do your best! But to answer your question, your calorie intake depends on your weight, your activity level and your trimester. I would say stay between 2000 and 2500 calories. Good luck!
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    I'm 14 weeks and still work out regularly daily, usually the elliptical on my lunch hour. I aim for my daily cals, 1400-1450 and try to keep it clean and balanced, cut out all soda's and sugary drinks (only water and tea). So far I've only gained 3 lbs so I'm happy with that. My goal is 30 lbs or less but I'm not trying to lose any weight, just maintain. Maybe see what you can clean up on your food (if anything) and keep the workouts but take the intensity down a bit. I was doing T25 and stopped so I didn't cause any issues but I walk (10,000 steps a day min) and use the elliptical since it's no strain on my joints or back. Nice smooth cario. Good luck and you will do great!
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    This is my second pregnancy in less than a year - I am due 5/31 and my son is turning one year old tomorrow. I just pretty much eat around maintenance and try to make good choices when I'm hungry. I gained 30 pounds the last time and at 24 weeks so far I think I've gained six.

    Edit: my maintenance calories are 2380, I am six feet tall
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    I highly recommend checking out There is a wonderful community of women there and lots of different forums and support groups. It can be a great source of information during and after your pregnancy.

    Best wishes to you and your baby! :smile:
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    You have to plug the babies height ,weight and activity level into the calculator in addition to your own to get the proper TDEE.

    (dont do this)
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    I am either due October 8th or 10th. I also joined that group. I am eating around 1500 to 1600 calories a day right now and drinking my water. I plan on still exercising as well.