Anyone in the Midwest?



  • bumblebreezy91
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    I'm in Wisconsin. Born and raised, & now I can't leave because my car is frozen to the ground. :wink:
  • Hi, April, I'm April too! And I live in Indiana! :) I've got about 75lbs to lose and want to work for it! I'm in a gym and go three times a week.

    I totally relate to what you're going through!
  • graycaro
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    I'm 27 with about 30 pounds to lose, and *originally* from Central Indiana. Feel free to add me for support :)
  • CrusherKun
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    Northcentral Wisconsin here (In the Lake Dubay delta region)....I may have responded before, but for giggles ill respond again!
  • creativerick
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    I'm Iowa born and raised. Visiting Iowa for a week or two before I move to Japan! :)
  • MissLakeTime
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    Kansas here! Spend as much time as I can at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri in the summer though!
  • katierrt
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    st. louis here, feel free to add me! midwest covers a very large area!! :smile:
  • seltzermint555
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    I'm 37 and in Joplin, MO so nowhere near Indiana really...but still Midwestern!

    I just wanna echo others who have been unemployed and losing weight. I was unemployed last March when I first joined MFP and for me the nervousness of not knowing how long my savings would need to last really helped me stay out of restaurants and keep me on the straight-and-narrow when it came to grocery shopping. Lots of Aldi trips with produce and bare minimum basics actually helped me kick this whole thing off :-)
  • gmakty08
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    Hi, I'm in Iowa. Trying to loose weight to pass my health screening at work.
  • HealthyMakeover
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    I'm from Iowa!
  • gampsm824
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    I'm in IL NW of Chicago. Always happy to have more friends, Feel free to add me.
  • JeniFairchild
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    NE Wisconsin area-30 mile south of Green Bay. I am always looking for support and willing to help others out. Fell free to add me as a friend. Anyone else feel free to do o as well.
  • toadg53
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    grew up in NW Wisc, but have lived in Northern MN most of my life. retired, but would be glad to give you support. good luck!! looks like you've got OODLES of people more than willing to help you .... Midwestern'ers ROCK!!
  • 78carriejohanna
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    I'm In Evansville, Wi. South Of Madison. Add Me If You Like.:drinker:
  • icu814me2
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    Minneapolis Minnesota here. I am new here myself. Just signed up today! I am going to lose 90 LBS by the end of August this year! I am going to get off my @ss and start living life again. I use to run and go to the gym twice a day "back in the day". Don't get me wrong. I have never been lazy, but what I do around the house just isn't enough. PLEASE, add me, anyone. I like to discuss issues and share ideas. Good luck on your adventure. I hope you are as pumped up as I am!! :smile:
  • I am in michigan and lost my job in feb of last year. I decided to lose my weight since I had no more excuses . I joined curves and did their Zumba . My first month I lost 1 lb but more inches and I felt better. The second month I lost 3 lbs. I started going more often up to 5 or even 6 days a week . I was still unemployed so why not . I lost 5 lbs the next month then 11 lbs . Wow !! Do it . Find something you like and just show up. ! Marlene
  • JG762
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    I'm near Speedway, feel free to add me if you like I figure I'll be around for a while I have a long road ahead...
    Also, my diary is open to the public so feel free to look if you're so inclined. (not that it's anything special but so many are blocked/closed I find it interesting to look at others once in a while)
  • sbkandola
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    Minnesota! It's hard to fit in dieting and exercise while being a math teacher :(
  • dawn_h_d
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    From MN originally, but live in central IL now. Always looking for more support - over the holidays we had some bad things happen and I fell off the horse. Trying to get back on and need all the support I can get :)
  • LovelyLibra79
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    Heyyyy Lansing,IL here! 5 mins from NW Indiana! Welcome :)