Breathing right , walking to running ?

Hi all ,

I tend to walk quite a bit but even so sometimes I get out of breath even though I am not pushing myself at all . A few months ago I went to a balance clinic about something else and was told I tend to miss a breath which then means I either try and catch up or slow down which either way doesn't help .
I want to start running so the fact I can't breathe right while walking worries me :(

Any breathing advise please ?


  • tyrsnbdr
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    I was told to take 2 quick "in" breaths then 2 quick "out" breaths making an "in in out out" pattern. Its hard to convey the time of it in writing, but it takes about 1-1.5 seconds to complete that sequence.

    Now, that didn't work for me, but an "in in slow out" did.
  • vivaldirules
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    I have a vague recollection of having had a similar problem at the start of my running attempts a few years ago. And I seem to remember using a syncopated breathing rhythm. But somehow this must have just cleared itself up in the process of all my running since then because I don't think I have this any more. Maybe that's good news and it will fix itself for you over time. I can tell you that at the beginning I was indeed huffing and puffing. But a few months later, even though I was still struggling, I was able to run my first half marathon. Things really do improve over time with persistent training. Good luck!
  • megaen29
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    I had a very hard time when I started running to. My body could go and my breathing just couldn't keep up. My advice is start off very slowly. Don't worry about your speed at all and completely focus on your breathing. If you start slowly jogging and can't catch your breath drop to a fast walk.

    I found myself practicing this every time I set out on a jog and my breathing slowly improved to the point where I almost never notice it anymore. Take it slow. Don't rush. Once your body learns how to do it you'll find running a breeze and a lot of fun!!
  • MomOfRose
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    I'm new to "running" (I'm doing a C25K program, but I wouldn't consider my faster intervals running just yet), too. I've been a walker for years. The breathing does become a habit once you get used to it. I breathe in when I land on my right foot for three footsteps, then breathe out when I land on my left foot for three footsteps. In-in-in, out-out-out. I've found that I don't focus on my breathing as much anymore (now I just focus on my calves and knees screaming STOP!).

    Good luck!
  • wilsoje74
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    I wouldn't worry about it, breathing is hard no matter what when you start running
  • Ainar
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    There are many methods how to breath "properly" while running. If we are talking about conscious breathing then personally I find that inhaling though mouth and nose, both at the same time, and exhaling both at the same time works the best for me. You might wanna try to exhale only though mouth alone, that's an option too. But generally it's the best to breath in though nose and mouth both cos it gets the most air in. You should also focus on breathing with your belly not chest. Whatever inhaling exhaling way you pick your breath should be consistent - exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, etc. Also consistent in depth.

    With time you get used to conscious breathing and you really do it automatically, not even have to think about it. So if you breath consciously for long enough in a rhythmic manner your body will most likely get used to it and you won't skip breaths anymore. This is really one of those practice makes perfect things in most cases. Sometimes you just have to run and don't even have to worry about breathing consciously and your body still will fix the problem on it's own, it is designed to adjust and find the most efficient way.
  • BethanBee86
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    Thanks all for replies :)