dukan diet

Anyone doing this diet? Im planning on starting tomorrow and was wondering if anyone else had success on it.


  • mockchoc
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    Everyone I knew that did it lost then put it all back on.
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    It's too restrictive for my taste and I'd have no energy without carbs but good luck to you.
  • asiak88
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    I did it. Lost weight, gained even more than lost (yes, I know it's my own fault). It's also pretty expensive. I'm all for eating more protein, but I would never recommend dukan to anyone. If you are prone to binges/ emotional eating, don't do it.
  • I attempted it and felt very toxic (fuzzy headed and 'chemical' ) - not sure why. I also felt like I had PMS, was very emotional and teary.
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    Please, don't do this diet. Kind of personnal fight here, sorry in advance for the rant.
    I did it, about ten years ago when M. Dukan just released his book called 'Je ne sais pas maigrir' ('I don't know how to lose weight')
    It seemed written for me. It was not. I lost about 19lbs in 9 months. Without eating any carbs, any fat, no fruits (I mean, SERIOUSLY, NO FRUITS?!).

    I was dizzy all the the time, I lost my hair, my smile and my social life.

    When I stopped the diet, overnight, because I couldn't stand it anymore, I put the weight back on twice as fast it came off. And then some. It took me a very long time to recover. Physically, of course, and emotionnally. I was complete mess, bordeline ED, scared of food.

    If I may add, about 10 days ago, Dukan got banned from the "Ordre des Médecins" (basically this is the Official Doctor association in France)
    He's not a Doctor anymore. He's facing several law suits for prescribing diet pills to his patients, for turning medecine into a business and because this diet sucks!

    Please, take an hour or so to read his book carefully. You'll see that he writes like a guru would.
    Everything he says is so supposed to be gold. If you follow the rules, all the rules, all the time with absolutely no window for when 'life happens' you'll succeed. If not, if you make ONE tiny step on the side, you'll fail and it's gonna be your fault.

    But, guess what, life happens! This guy is dangerous. Nobody and I MEAN nobody has succeeded in the long run. Even here in France, where is considered as a 'miracle worker' (that being less and less true, thank God!)

    I can't believe how I got stuck in this mess. He takes credit for everything good (short time good, I insist) and finds a way to blame his patients for EVERY fail!

    GET THE HELL OUT before you metabolism is so screwed up, you'll have a lot of trouble trying to be healthy again. You can't cut out whole groups of food from your life for such a long time.

    Feel free to rant, to tell me I'm a hater and I should rut in hell or add me as a friend to say 'thanks' but please don't do this to your body!
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    I'd advise against doing anything called "The ________ Diet".
  • I'd advise against doing anything called "The ________ Diet".
    except keto =p
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    Funnt how your mind works....

    I was scanning down the list of posts and at first read this as, "drunken diet"

    Piqued my curiosity :-)