How to fix my thigh jiggle? (pic)

I have a wide pelvic girdle and so I accumulate more fat in my upper thighs than my lower thighs. Can this be fixed or am I predisposed to have fat in this area because my hips are wide?


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    *looks at myself* So where exactly do you have too much fat? If you want a thigh gap, that might not ever happen with your bone structure. If you just want to spot reduce fat, that's not gonna happen either. You have to train your whole body if you want inches gone off your thighs.
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    Thigh jiggle is normal, everybody jiggles.
    Work on more muscle in your legs, that can make it seem a bit firmer.
  • fushigi1988
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    Just looked at your photo, your legs look lovely.
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    Your legs look very nice!
    If you're not happy with them maybe do some strength training, squats etc. If you gain muscle they will be firmer. But everybody's thighs jiggle a little no matter what, really...
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    Don't see the problem. :flowerforyou:
  • I have the same problem, Mine are slightly bigger than yours but its really difficult to lose to the weight on your thigh's. Keep going, if you do cardio (whole body workouts) that may help you tone up.
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    Need gif to see them jiggle.

    Okay. Jk jk.

    See nothing wrong really. If you really want to do something about them, start running.
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    You have really nice legs.

    Some cardio to tone down, or some squats to build muscle would help.
  • I agree with the person above me: cardio to help burn the fat, and a lot of strength training, like squats, lunges, and machine workouts (if possible) to tone them up. I have thighs that need toning up as well. Most importantly, eat well. Good luck!
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    Your question has really been answered above. Your overall body including your thighs looks great. If you want a more athletic physique then my suggestion is a mix of cardio with some resistance training. Some will argue otherwise but spot training for fast loss does not work u lose fat all over the body and for ladies it is the thighs and hips that will persist. Good news is you would not need much time to see the results you want as you are quite fit now.
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    I just wanted to chip in to say you have great legs! Sometimes it's hard to see our own good bits :)
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    Even muscular legs jiggle when not under tension. It's normal. Having no jiggle is not normal, and usually unhealthy.