how many crabs do you eat?



  • chrisdavey
    chrisdavey Posts: 9,835 Member
    *kitten* man, that's deep.
  • jennpaulson
    jennpaulson Posts: 850 Member
    Crabs, mmmmm... We're so far away from good crab season.
  • PatheticNoetic
    PatheticNoetic Posts: 905 Member
    Soft shell crab creeps me out.
  • zaan83
    zaan83 Posts: 35
    Um. My mind totally went somewhere else **throws up a little**

    ^^This. I don't want anything to do with any crabs...that's for dang sure!!


    Tastes like chicken?
  • Chadomaniac
    Chadomaniac Posts: 1,785 Member
    not. even. one.

    I demand the freshest of seafoodz.

  • studentgirly
    studentgirly Posts: 129 Member
    Actually I find crabs really help with my weight loss... usually because of the violent allergic reaction!