Need help with Barbell squats

So I just started a weight lifting routine (new rules of lifting for women) I love the programme, its short enough to allow me some of my favourite cardio at the end but I am having a problem with the barbell squats. I am currently lifting 10kgs (light I know, but like I said, im a beginner) but the bar hurts where it touches on my back - you know the bit just below your neck where it sits. I looked at the picture in the book and I think im doing it right. Should it hurt? Cause it still hurts a little bit now


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    Make sure the bar is low should sit on the muscle, not the spine. I did find that area had to toughen up some. I bruised at first, but not anymore.
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    Its normal when you don't have the muscles in your traps to cushion the bar. Use the cushion wrap at the gym (ask if you can't find it) or go buy 1 at a sports store.
  • Yay lady lifters! So glad that you're enjoying it, and no worries about whatever weight you're at. We all start somewhere!

    As far as the neck hurting, it's likely you have it resting on one of your lower cervical vertebrae, rather than on your traps. It's hard to tell without a picture or video of your form but this video seems like it's probably describing your problem:

    I tell my clients that you want the bar on the MEAT of your shoulders, on the traps! Sometimes I tell my clients to "split the bar apart" with their hands, this flexes the back and gives it some more meat to rest on.
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    It shouldn't be resting on your spine or painful. There are two general positions you can place the bar when squatting: high bar and low bar. For high bar, you want to pull your traps back and rest the bar across your traps as if they were a shelf, whereas the bar will rest on your deltoid muscles with a low bar position. There are tons of videos and instructional pages on this, but here are just a couple:
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    The cushion warps at my gym were all worn out so I bought my own from amazon to take in with me. I only needed it for a few months though, until I got used to it all.
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    I thought it hurt at first too. I used a cushion wrap that lays on the floor next to the squat rack. It doesn't bother me anymore, probably a combination of getting used to it and also developing my muscles more. And like somebody else mentioned, make sure the bar is not sitting on the spine, but a little lower. I watched a bunch of youtube videos too at first to make sure I was doing it right (had the bar too high).
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    Have you had anyone show you proper form? I would definitely recruit someone because its really important, even with just the bar. You can watch some videos on youtube but it's not the same as someone standing next to you correcting little things you might not see in the mirror.
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    That's great advice guys, thanks a lot! After looking at the youtube video, I was definitely doing it wrong. I will do it right next time and look into buys a wrap aswell. Awesome! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
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    I love the NROL! I did the mens version. I would strongly encourage you to read "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe. Not only will it provide you with tons of quality info on proper squat tech, but also other lifts. I was having some difficulty with lower back during squats and went back, read and corrected based upon some info in that book. Its an essential if you are interested in continued lifting!

    Yea for Lady Lifters!!

    (DISCLAIMER: all of the above info is MY OPINION!!!)
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