Best anti-wrinkle cream in your 20s?

nicmax88 Posts: 36 Member
Hi! I'm 25 and have noticed that I'm getting more lines, mainly on my forehead. I have no idea where to begin with anti-wrinkle products. Can anyone offer advice please? I'm aware that my diet can help, and am working on that!


  • Sinisterly
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    Moisturize, sunblock, Vitamin E.
  • FlabFighter86
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    In same situation here, 27, got a permanent line right across my forehead and starting to get 'crows feet'.
    Started using a 24 hour day cream which has made my skin really soft, but I've no idea how to prevent the wrinkles.
    Suggest we start laughing more so that we get happy lines instead of worry lines!
  • Iwantchange_22
    Iwantchange_22 Posts: 49 Member
    water is great! I also think olay is good, especially for sensitive skin.
  • Scoochie1
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    Go to a Clinque counter in your nearest department store. Get a free analysis.
    I did this 4 weeks ago and got a trial pack of their 3 step skincare.
    Great results!
  • vfett1018
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    Not sure about good all together moisturizer, but I use the Loreal Eye cream, and I love it. I also use CG tinted moisturizer.
  • nikki0753
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    I like the whole dermalogica range! the anti ageing eye cream is amazing!

    The clarins super restorative night cream is really good as well
  • alisonlynn1976
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    The very best thing you can do is stay out of the sun/consistently wear sunscreen.
  • countryclowgirl
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    The best for you is between you and your skin. I, myself, love Avon skin products.
  • Smuterella
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    Please do not use Clinique three step - that toner is like putting nail varnish remover on your face. Your skincare should not sting.

    I'm 35 and have recently upgraded my skincare after reading Caroline Hiron's blog - she is reknowned for her skincare knowledge over in the UK and acts as a consultant to several major fashions mags etc.

    So now I'm using a balm cleanser and a hot flannel each night to take off my make up. I massage the cleanser firmly all over my face for 5 minutes them remove with the hot cloth. This alone has worked wonders.

    To this I have added a gently exfoliating toner - Clarins is easy to get hold of. A good eye cream and a moisturiser with AHAs. I've chosen Soap and Glory for now but anything that is mineral oil free will work. Get your sunscreen from your make up if you can as you don't want to be loading that on your face at night unnecessarily by hanving it in your moisturiser.

    Of all the things I've done though, the thorough cleansing with a clean flannel each day and the facial massage have done the most. I wish I'd started at 25!
  • Sarahndipity30
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    Better health from the inside overall.

    Wrinkles are a part of aging/life. You can't prevent it, but you can slow it down a bit (not that you should have to imo), but you don't need to spend tons of money doing it. Sunblock and water and living/eating a healthier lifestyle.
  • tamzinb10
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    I love anything clarins x