Yay or Nay-30 Day Shred/Ripped in 30/No More Trouble Zones

Hey everyone!

I'm strongly considering completing all 3 of these workouts over a span of 90 days(one each 30 days).....If you had any success with these workouts, please post your experience.....Doesn't matter if it was a little weight loss, a little muscle gain or overall sense of well being....I just want to hear about it to motivate me to stick with it!!


  • I did the workout for about a week. I own both of them, I would mind doing it again. It makes you super sore. but it does tone you up like crazy
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    I would do one before you buy them all. JM's videos are just interval cardio. You get as much out of them as you put into them, and can get stellar results IF you eat right while doing them. But they're really repetitive, and there is nothing that particularly makes them more effective than other methods of working out. So, if you don't like them there is no need to suffer through them when you can just find something else that you DO like to do. 30DS is available on YouTube for free, so I'd start with that one. If you like it and you stick with it, you can always buy the others when you get to the last week or so.
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    I did start the 30DS, but stopped after a few days to go back toTurbo Fire, due to a higher calorie burn, but now, I'm looking to tone up and I've had all 3 of these DVD's for so long and want to make good use of them.......Most people that have used the first 2 I mentioned, really toned up, which is my main focus now.
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    I mix 30DS with running and have noticed a GREAT improvement in my midsection. I like L1 for the tummy area, L2 for shoulders/arms.
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    Hi I would suggest doing a warm up first, the one she does is too short. Then a cool down or stretch. The first time i didn't and was really way to sore. Next time added this and it made a big difference in my legs. Am doing the first level of 30day tonight. Oh, watch the video first to see if it is a fit.
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    I'm doing 30DS right now. I'm only on level 1 day 8 but can notice a difference only my whole body - toned upper arms, flatter stomach, and toned legs. Some people have recommended to me to do 30DS and continue on with Ripped in 30 after you're done because it's a step up from 30DS.
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    30 Day Shred was the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost lots of inches and felt great at the end (I was having thyroid problems, so I didnt really lose anything). I'm starting over, now that I have my thyroid issue half way handled, I just did Day 2, Level 1 yesterday... Cant wait to see the results on my body again!!!!!
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    I did Ripped in 30 for a couple of weeks, following the plan. (I would describe myself as fairly active and fit prior to doing the workout) It KILLED my knees. Killed them. As in, it took months for my knees to stop hurting.

    So be careful. It is so easy to be injured with these rigorous home workouts. Searching on the internet, I found lots of comments about Jillian's workouts being hard on the knees particularly.
  • I have a subscription with http://www.gaiamtv.com/ which has nearly all or most of the DVD's you mentioned. If you have something at home to stream videos or even a laptop you can do so with this site. It costs like $10 a month, but it has awesome self-development & spiritual documentaries on there along with hundreds of hundreds of other fitness videos on Yoga, Jillian Michaels, Pilates, and more. You can do a 30 day trial to see that way you can see if you want to stick with it. :)

    Hope this Helps!Good Luck!

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    I love Jillian Michaels. I can always tell I get a great workout when I do her DVDs.
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    I have all of these plus the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I mostly do that one and mix it up with the No more trouble zones. I do that one at least 2 to 3 times a week. I have dropped 4 pounds and I am definitely gaining muscle and I notice how my clothes are fitting so I love Jillian way more than I expected.

    I've been working out with Jillian for almost 2 months.
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    Something to remember is that It's called the 30 day shred because it is 30 workouts; it was NOT intended to be done every day for 30 days.

    You'll find that you'll become acclimated to this routine very very quickly so i suggest adding some weight training or something else in addition. :)

    Good luck!
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    I have finished the 30 DS and did lose a bunch of inches also had way more energy and endurance. I am currently on day 4 of RI30.
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    I have done 30 day shred several times. The first two times I did it(back to back) i had awesome results.
    The next time I did it not so much but that was probably because my body was use to it and my diet was not good.

    2 months of 30 day shred. i went from a 15/16 pants to 11/12 and an xl top to a l top(sometimes a medium in certain brands)

    I also did ripped in 30, i didn't notice much change with it but my brother did and again my diet wasn't the best.

    With a proper diet these dvds can yield great results.
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    I started with 30DS and then went on to RI30. No noticeable change on the scales, but I found that I looked more toned (which is normally difficult for a 100kg (220lbs) fatty to achieve). I found that I needed to grab heavier weights a couple of times thoughout, and it made me feel like I was achieving something :) I started with 2 and 3kg (approx 4 & 6lb) weights and ended with 3 and 6kg (approx 6 & 13lb)

    I absolutely loved how both DVDs made me feel, happy, powerful, in control... And I love Jillian to bits :) I love how she talks all the way through, and really pushes for results :)

    Doing it again once my hamstring heals :)
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    I`m working my way through 30DS for the first time, and am about halfway through it. I haven`t noticed a change in my body at all so far, aside from feeling like I have stronger arms. The exercises in that video really work the arms, and I had insanely pathetic upper body strength, so I see this as a good fit for me. I have also noticed I have a ton more stamina. I`ve had to up the weight a bit. So far I`ve added about a pound every 5 days, as I find the exercises too easy once you get into them.

    Again, have not lost a single pound or a single inch in 14 days (and yes, I`ve altered my diet as well), but still love the workout and will continue with it until the end. Not sure where I`ll go from there, though! But I do enjoy the workout and find it easy to follow along.
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    I've been doing Ripped in 30 for 10 months. I had to modify EVERYTHING at first; it really is hard on the knees and ankles, especially if you're not used to exercise. I listened to my body when I needed to (rest days are important!) and pushed myself to work harder when I felt able to. While I still enjoy Ripped in 30, I've recently added another half hour of calisthenics to my daily routine.

    It really works, if you put the effort in.
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    I just finished 30 Day Shred yesterday. I did the 30 workouts over 35 days, i.e. one rest day per week. But I see no reason why you couldn't make it more like 4 or 5 workouts per week and still get the same results. I don't get why everyone insists on cramming it into 30 days.

    Personally I tried wherever possible to do the more advanced moves. Sometimes I coped, sometimes I didn't. The majority I either did the easier modification or resorted to it after putting in a little time with the harder version first.

    I'm normal range BMI and only trying to lose about 15 lbs so I was never going to see a huge weight loss from it. I ate at a deficit, and I lost 2.75 lbs over the five weeks, but when I look at inches lost, that's where the magic is. For example, I lost 1.5" off my waist. Normally I'd have to see a loss on the scale of something like 8 lbs for that to happen.

    So I'm very happy with my results and today I started Ripped in 30, which I'll again do over 35 days, or however long I need to get it done safely. My only complaint about 30DS is having to mute the woman after a few times so I wouldn't have to listen to her banging on about phoning it in and such.
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    I have seen results using all of these workouts in terms of both weight and inches. I think JM workouts are great if you can tolerate her because they are so short yet so incredibly effective.

    When I did the 30DS, I lost 9 pounds and 5.5 inches, mostly from my hips and waist.
    Doing Ri30, I lost 6 pounds and 7 inches from all over including my arms which was one of my bigger problem areas.

    No More Trouble Zones is a longer video and is great for strength training using your body weight and light hand weights. I like to pair NMTZ with Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism which is also longer and much more cardio focused, doing each video a couple times a week.

    The only negative thing I would have to say about JM workouts is that they tend to get boring due to being so repetitive. But they work!
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    I have 30DS and RI30, but not the Trouble Zones. I love the first two, but I DO NOT do them the way most people do, ie: level 1 for a week, then level 2 and so on. I can't stand doing the same workout every day. I have done both back-to-back, by doing them in order, 30DS level 1, then 2, then 3, 3 DAYs of the week, for 4 weeks; then continued with RI30 the same way(only 4 days a week, since there are 4 workouts.) It was like a little 2 month challenge, to finish all of the weeks of both videos in a row. I was also lifting weights and doing other workouts (video in the morning, other workouts in the afternoon), so it was very difficult. I started last year with 3lb dumbbells, but now do most of the exercises with 9lb dumbbells.

    I've had great results, but I paired the exercise with a deficit, in the beginning. I lost about 6 inches each off bust, waist, and hips.