I have been struggling to lose 10lbs. There are days that I do really well and I'm careful of what I eat then there are days that I lose focus completely and binge eat just because I think I can. Most people look at me and wonder why I even want to lose weight because I am pretty tiny but there are areas I'm not happy with like my stomach and legs. My boyfriend is very supportive about me wanting to lose the weight for myself but when it comes to meals to cook I have a hard time watching my portions or finding something we both will like that is realtively healthy. I would hate to fix 2 separate meals but I'm not sure what my other options would be. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • MoriahJ11
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    I am having the exact same problem!! My boyfriend's really supportive as well but it's hard working out by yourself and he's a picky eater and let's just say the foods he likes aren't near healthy. Haha. I have really good days where I eat so good and feel great but then I have days where we go out to eat and the next day I just feel horrible!!
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    That's exactly how it is for me as has been a pretty good day but over the weekend I ate way too much and I'm doing my best to get back on track.
  • CPlempel1013
    You can do it girl! Don't give up!

    You can do whatever you put your mind too, I'm here to help :D
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    If you're wanting to make your stomach and legs look better you're going to have to start lifing weights. No matter how much weight you lose, if you don't work your muscles you're not going to look or be toned. Losing 10lbs might not be the answer, hitting the gym and doing a full body weight program will probably help you more than worrying about the number on the scale. And when you're lifting, you want to lift heavy weights. When you eat at a deficit and lift heavy weights you are burning fat, which in turn makes you look more lean and toned.
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    How many calories are you eating per day? If you don't have a lot to lose, it's important to maintain only a tiny deficit. One of the consequences of having too large of a deficit is that you don't have the stamina to maintain the deficit over the long term. A 200-300 calorie daily deficit is the most people should probably focus on, if they're close to their goal weight.

    So, if you know your TDEE (total calories used throughout the day, includes exercise calories) is 2100, let's say. You wouldn't want to eat less than 1800-1900. Or else you'll not be able to maintain the daily deficit.
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    There are lots of options for making the meals you cook healthier. Just for example, the other night I made cauliflower fritters from a recipe that I found on Skinny Taste. They were delicious and my husband didn't even know that they were cauliflower! He thought they were potato.

    When cooking, focus on making small adjustments that won't really be noticeable in the final product. For example, use egg substitute instead of eggs when making a non-egg/pastry dish. Bake instead of fry, etc.

    There are some great recipes out there that are as good as the full calorie versions, but much healthier! I bet your BF won't even notice.