How often do you weigh yourself (for loss and maintain)?

Every morning the scale calls to me. I try so hard to ignore it, but I weigh myself most mornings. However, I only record my weight in MFP once a week on Friday morning. That's hard to when my weight is lower than I expected it to be, then I really want to record it on the spot!

How often do you weigh yourself and how often do you record the results? Did this change when you went from loosing weight to maintaining weight?


  • athertonsl
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    I currently weigh myself once a week whilst losing, I couldn't cope with the constant up and down of weighing myself every day, I think weekly gives you a good enough indication! I will probably go to once a month when I change to maintaining x
  • moosegt35
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    Every day and keep a log of weight, H20%, BF% and muscle %. The scale isn't accurate on these % but it is constant so it gives you an idea of where you are heading. I find that daily log helps me keep a better track of how my weight fluctuates and makes it easier for me. If I weighed once per week I may weigh on an "outlier day" and think I have gained a bunch of weight when I haven't. For example, I ate reasonably bad on saturday and sunday and was 10 pounds heavier on monday morning than I was on saturday morning. However, this was mostly just water weight and now on Wednesday I am back to the weight I was on Sat.
  • meritage4
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    I weigh daily and track it. Then I look at the 30 day report as I find the 7 day report shows all the up and down spikes.
    I realize weight is affected by many things, sodium, water, time of month.

    Weight loss is not linear, but as long as the 30 day report shows a downward trend I'm pleased.
  • Saturday Mornings (keeps me good on friday nights!)
  • Mischievous_Rascal
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    Everyday. I log that and my cals on a spreadsheet so I know what my true TDEE is.
  • kshadows
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    I weigh daily and log in the Libra android app. It shows me the "trend" of my loss, which looks better than constantly fluctuating pounds. I only record my "official" weigh in on MFP once a week.
  • primal_cupcakes
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    About 4 times a year in maintenance. I was doing every other week for a couple months this fall to drop a few pounds but stopped doing that when I got where I wanted to be. Clothes fit fine. I look at myself naked in the mirror a lot, too, and I like what I see there, so all is good :-)
  • eAddict
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  • bogo_baby
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    I weigh daily. I log my daily weight on a calendar by the scale, and report it to MFP on Tuesdays... weighing daily keeps me honest with myself... and I can see the trend of not drinking enough water, drinking too much booze, etc.
  • JesterMFP
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    I weigh every day, log it every day on a spreadsheet. I've been doing that for two years so have a pretty good idea of what causes fluctuations and I'm way beyond getting upset because I gained 3 lbs overnight.
  • Ely82010
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    I weigh myself almost daily but I don't log fluctuations anymore since I am on maintenance. My ups and downs have been no more than 2 lbs, which I consider perfectly normal, so I just keep a mental log of the changes.
  • AlysonG2
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    I weigh myself every morning and only log the losses. That way I only see the overall downward trend instead of the daily ups and downs.
  • Stripeness
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    Every day, but only use MFP to record drops. The daily number gets written on a calendar in my home office. For some reason seeing the numbers changing (& bouncing a bit) over a month pleases me, in a way that a line graph (like MFP generates) doesn't.

    When I record the weight daily in MFP, I start getting a little flaily & defensive. Which is my baggage, but hey, figuring out what works for you is 80% of the battle :-)
  • Go_Mizzou99
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    Daily...immediately after taking care of morning - ahem - business.

    BTW - weight fluctuations of up 2 pounds are common for me. Salty snacks before bed are the biggest culprit for a weight-gain-spike ... and it takes about 2 or 3 days to get rid of that water retention.

  • mshippiequeen
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    i weigh everyday and record on sunday mornings.

    i used to be over 300 and i got there from (among many other things) being afraid to get on a scale, so now i make it a daily routine. up or down doesn't matter at this point. i just never want to be afraid to get on again.
  • kl498
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    I weigh once a week, no point in doing it every day, that could be a obsession
  • Empty_Calories
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    I like to record every day. I try to weigh myself around the same time, put the scale in the same spot, etc. Even though I hate the days when it spikes up, seeing an overall downward trend is very motivating for me and I've gotten use to the fact I may be up for a couple days before hitting a new low.
  • suziepoo1984
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    I weigh myself every morning same time, same amount of clothing and after i pee(before bath). I record the weight only when i see a significant change that lasts over a few days! rest is all usually water weight. The fluctuations do not bother me, thats why i weigh daily.
    So sometimes i have not recorded any change over a few weeks when there have been only ups and downs based on what i ate.
  • I weight myself daily, in the mornings, but only record losses. I know I'm going to be going up and down, but as long as those downs keep getting lower than the week before, I know I'm doing something right!
  • h20islife
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    I weigh myself once a week in the mornings when i wake up. I try not to weigh myself more then once because my weight fluctuates throught the week and see that increase sometimes make me freak out even thou i know i been eating and working out good through out the week. So i just weigh in once a week at the same time.