What do YOU do on rest day?

I know a rest day is an important part of any workout routine but.... I want to do SOMETHING. Walking is out of the question, as the windchill is supposed to be dropping to -25 before I even leave work today :(

Yoga? Pilates? Recovery cardio? NOTHING?

So, what do you normally do on rest day?


  • Acg67
    Acg67 Posts: 12,142 Member
    Cook and eat
  • steve1686
    steve1686 Posts: 346 Member
    food prep
  • melzielkie
    melzielkie Posts: 90 Member
    I actually rest! Once in a while I'll do yoga or some kind of stretching though:)
  • Duck_Puddle
    Duck_Puddle Posts: 3,224 Member
    Surf the couch.
  • JoRocka
    JoRocka Posts: 17,552 Member
    Cook and eat


    I do all my other stuff- sew- cook- clean the house- whatever crap needs to get done- gets done. and extra sleep!
  • DeadliftAddict
    DeadliftAddict Posts: 746 Member
    Cardio and abs if I feel like it. I like some active rest days from lifting.
  • dshalbert
    dshalbert Posts: 677 Member
    Yoga or binge watch TV. Just finished House of Cards.
  • kshadows
    kshadows Posts: 1,315 Member
    Yoga or binge watch TV. Just finished House of Cards.

    LOVE House of Cards!!!!
  • Rest, eat, watch tv.
  • _Resolve_
    _Resolve_ Posts: 735 Member
    Rest, eat, watch tv.

  • jwdieter
    jwdieter Posts: 2,582 Member
    Cardio and stretching. Housework.
  • aquarabbit
    aquarabbit Posts: 1,623 Member
    Full blown spa day! Not as great as it sounds because it's also hair removal day. Which means the epilator gets brought out! Definitely makes me look forward to workout days! But I also take a really long bath, do my skin and hair treatments, paint my fingers and toes, and trim my hair if it needs it. I'm a bit of a princess when it comes to beauty products, so my treat at the end of a great workout week is to indulge in the things I love. So relaxing. A scented candle, soft music on Pandora, lovely! I usually clean my house in the mornings in lieu of my morning sessions, then do the bath at night. I still do my bedtime yoga (just 10 min or so anyways, so I never count it), but nothing more than that. It definitely gears me up for a week of pushing myself!
  • animalldy
    animalldy Posts: 140 Member
    I cook a bigger meal on rest days because I have more time after work and I catch up on TV.
  • chunkybun
    chunkybun Posts: 179 Member
    I sleep in, run all my errands, get groceries and meal prep for the week ahead, walk the dog (because I have to do this regardless of the weather - just bundle up)

    Sometimes I'll put on my Rushfit stretching DVD, it really loosens up the joints and helps me relax. ETA - also available on Youtube "GSP Stretching for Flexibility" - 28 minutes of mild warm up and stretches.
  • cafeaulait7
    cafeaulait7 Posts: 2,459 Member
    Yoga, definitely. Or dance stretches, etc. I love stretching days :)

    My actual workout schedule has been bad because of back pain, etc, so the concept of rest days has gone wonky for me. I've been doing a couple of key lifts and stretches and having to skip so much else. But if I were able to be up to speed, I'd still do my yoga on rest days. It feels so good and the stretching kind isn't strenuous at all. A vigorous power yoga class might be too much on a rest day, so watch which type you do if you try that.
  • asdowe13
    asdowe13 Posts: 1,955 Member
    Take a Hike!

    And for me temperature doesn't matter, I've got all the cold weather gear to make any hike comfortable and warm!
  • omma_to_3
    omma_to_3 Posts: 3,265 Member
    I do nothing.

    I run 4 days a week and strength train 2 days a week. Day 7, is glorious rest. I go over on my calories that day, but I rest LOL.
  • arrseegee
    arrseegee Posts: 575 Member
    I cook/portion out my dog's meals for the week. And read
  • grillnchill
    grillnchill Posts: 772 Member
    work hard, play even harder.
  • LiftHeavyWeights
    LiftHeavyWeights Posts: 336 Member
    Food prep for the next week. Rest up to be ready for the workout week.