Favorite workout music?

Morgan_4282 Posts: 13 Member
What is your favorite song you listen to to pump yourself up? Or what kind of music do you listen to while you're exercising?


  • I absolutely LOVE listening to "Get Me Bodied" by Beyonce. It always pumps me up! And also, "Too Legit To Quit" by MC Hammer. LOL
  • Early 90's dance and hip-hop. I know it's cheesy, but I don't care! It's catchy and it gets me so pumped! I LOVE IT!
  • Disturbed
  • heavy rock
  • Some examples:

    What Is Love? -- Haddaway
    Be My Lover -- La Bouche
    Twilight Zone -- 2 Unlimited
    Mama Said Knock You Out -- LL Cool J
    Jump Around -- House of Pain
    Gonna Make You Sweat -- C+C Music Factory
    Anything by Technotronic
    Rhythm of the Night -- Corona
    We Like to Party! -- Vengaboys
  • jigsawxyouth
    jigsawxyouth Posts: 308 Member
    It varies! I am a premium subscriber with Spotify, so making playlists to workout to is really easy! Using the music, I know when to hit the high intensity, recovery, and cool down!
    the new RuPal album, Born Naked, is AWESOME. I had a spinning session with it today!
    I also like to work out to some Marina and the Diamonds. Having Spotify really helps with making playlists to use on the go, so regardless where I'm at, I will always have my workout music with me.
  • hmseals77
    hmseals77 Posts: 77 Member
    I have I Heart Radio on my phone and love listening to my Eminem station!
  • Betty_Rubble
    Betty_Rubble Posts: 117 Member
    Late 80's, early 90's hip hop!
    Walk this way with Run DMC
    Jump Around
    Baby Got Back
    Good Vibrations
  • lexcoulstring
    lexcoulstring Posts: 385 Member
    Avenged Sevenfold
    Drowning Pool

    Yeah I like it loud
  • lisatrish
    lisatrish Posts: 123 Member
    The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes. An anthem for any workout. We are all fighters.
  • Lauren4974
    Lauren4974 Posts: 35 Member
    Anything techno with a good fast beat. Keeps me going while I'm movin my butt!