300+ lbs. 44 yr. old wife and mother of 4

It's time...time to admit I am failing..and that I want to succeed.
It's time...time to stop saying I am going to start..and just do it.
It's time...time to stop making excuses..and begin making progress.
It's time...time to recognize what I am doing wrong..and start doing the right thing.
It's time...

Having some friends to go through this journey with me will be wonderful :)


  • It's time to add you as a friend! :p

    I know you can achieve your goals! I'm rooting for you!!
  • Navallez
    Navallez Posts: 437 Member
    thank u :)
  • newjojie
    newjojie Posts: 291 Member
    That was me a year ago....you can do this!!!!!!!! :flowerforyou:
  • sue_stef
    sue_stef Posts: 194 Member
    YOU got this !
    add me too if you like
  • day1appraisal
    day1appraisal Posts: 16 Member
    Ten years older and ten years ago, I was well over 300. Lost about 120 lbs. not quite to goal, but maintained. Was much healthier and happier, more active. Then I got broken. 3 years to recover gave me 83 lbs extra and took away my core, leg and most of my arm muscles...

    It's coming back. We can both do this!!!
  • I have 100lbs to lose and would love to accompany you on your journey!
  • Add me too... right there with you!
  • We are all already starting to lose weight, as our thoughts are in the right direction. It is time for us to know and help each other :)
  • mom2my4boys
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    Feel free to send a friend request! Im a 31 yr old mom of 4 boys and i started at 275 lbs 9 months ago. Im now down 75lbs. You can do this, id love to support you along your journey :-) -Sherri
  • Can someone please tell me, how to get the fitness bar track below my profile
  • Navallez
    Navallez Posts: 437 Member
    Wow....thank you so much to everyone for the wonderful feedback...we can really do this...
  • chaparra71
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    Thanks for the friend request! I would love for us to support one another. I know you can do this,keep with it, don't give up!
  • Sunshine2plus2
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    Hello and welcome! I am 34, married, mother to 4 children. I use to weigh 330pds! Good luck, you can do this! Do not give up! Trust me its worth it!!
  • mel5580
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    Your welcome to add me...I have been here 4 weeks and love it...:smile:
  • SephiraRose
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    Would love to share support and encouragement. Feel free to add me.
  • mscountrygirl39456
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    Hi, I'm Amanda I'm 32 and I have 5 children, I started out at 307 11 months and I have lost 70 lbs, you can do this!!!!!!
  • mom24uk
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    I hear ya!
    45 and single mother of 4 with 80+ to lose. Feel free to add me too :flowerforyou: