so, this title may seem like it doesn't belong in the "success stories" category, but to me it does. Last night i i over did it with fast food, ive been feeling super insecure this week. im sure everyone has been there a time or too, you know when you wake up a few days in a row and can only see your bad qualities. for some reason its really hit me this week. so last night i was out doing an event for my work, and i knew no one would be home when i got home so i swung by the drive threw and there went my self control. and i was planning on doing my old "if i eat it and throw it away quickly, i didn't really eat it". but i dicided that ive come to far and i have yo-yo'd far too much to not stick with it. so i got up and logged all of my calories. everything that touched my lips i made myself accountable for. and now, guess what? ...ITS A NEW DAY :) and now, im off to the gym to get myself happy again. By the way, if anyone wants to add me i LOVE new friends.


  • ColetteM6
    ColetteM6 Posts: 138 Member
    Best. Post. All. Day
  • Blue801
    Blue801 Posts: 442
    Great attitude! Log it and move on. :drinker:
  • Smiler106
    Smiler106 Posts: 124 Member
    Well done, yes it is a new day! Somebody said to me once and it has stuck with me.... "Your body doesn't reflect what you do one day, it reflects what you do every day."

    This same thought stops me from beating myself up when I've screwed up, and keeps me on track when I want give up. It's no good having a good day once in a blue moon, and it's no problem if you have a bad day once in a blue moon, consistency is the key.
  • carliekitty
    carliekitty Posts: 303 Member
    Great that you logged it. I know it helps me to realize the situation better when i see the real numbers. I actually take my dogs out for a nice long walk when i am feeling like that and take in whats around me. Helps me get out of the funk. Sometimes i just run it out of me.
  • baileyang33
    baileyang33 Posts: 131 Member
    The road to recovery! Nice job! :flowerforyou:
  • DoNotSpamMe73
    DoNotSpamMe73 Posts: 286 Member
    Great attitude! Log it and move on. :drinker:
  • I think it's the perfect post to put under this category... because truly, you had a major success ~ you logged the food and woke up ready to be back on track today :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
  • bmhorton12
    bmhorton12 Posts: 92 Member
    Good for you!! I think we've all been there. It definitely was a success. It's easy in those moments just to give up. You didn't though and started a brand new day! Thanks for sharing!!
  • BigBrunette
    BigBrunette Posts: 1,543 Member
    Well done. :heart:
  • tavenne323
    tavenne323 Posts: 332 Member
    Doesn't sound like a failure to me!
  • dettiot
    dettiot Posts: 180 Member
    [high fives you] I know I've definitely struggled with accountability at times, but you're inspiring me to hold my feet to the fire! If I go over, so what? Tomorrow is a new day, full of opportunity to move on. Thanks for sharing!
  • nmcguier
    nmcguier Posts: 27 Member
    :) Thanks for the reminder that part of this process is simply being accountable for what you eat and what you do about it. Chocolate cake will always be delicious and there will always be more laps to swim.
  • fighterwithin
    fighterwithin Posts: 33 Member
    thanks for all of the love guys!
  • jennykcmo
    jennykcmo Posts: 101 Member
    This being accountable and getting right back on track is what it's all about. So you haven't failed at all but you are totally succeeding. GREAT JOB!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
  • bookworm_847
    bookworm_847 Posts: 1,903 Member
    Good for you! We all have rough days, and the best thing to do is log it, then pick yourself up and move on. Nice post. :flowerforyou:
  • Stay motivated. This is a day by day process. There's no failure in getting up, dusting yourself off and getting back in the saddle.
  • Fit4Yah
    Fit4Yah Posts: 39 Member
    Great job!
  • kerricus
    kerricus Posts: 165 Member

    I did this the other weekend. I ate a cake. Not a slice. A cake.

    I didn't want to log it, but I did anyway. The damage was bad, but not actually as bad as I had feared. Then I realized, "Oh, this won't totally derail me. I'll just go back to eating normal (aka healthy) tomorrow." And I did.

    I realized that it's actually not that hard to go back to eating healthy. I kinda like it. There are moments that are hard, but the overall experience is good.
  • Way to motivate both you and those reading! Good job!!
  • aarondnguyen
    aarondnguyen Posts: 270 Member
    Former yo-yo dieter checking in haha. So much feels in this post. Feel free to add me
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