Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 - Questions

I just started doing the JM Ripped in 30 DVD last week. I only did it 3 days last week and found it really challenging. My goal is to do it 5-6x a week. This week I did week 1 again for 3 days and only did week 2 once. I didn't like the week 2 workout and thought week 1 was more challenging (I sweated a lot more). So....those of you that have done this DVD workout is it stupid to stay on Week 1 if it is more challenging than week 2?

FYI - I am in decent shape and run 3x a week too. I am trying to lose 20 pounds by the summer and thought the Jillian Michaels DVD would help me accomplish this.

Any suggestions would be helpful :)


  • chickenpie
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    hi, I've just started this week too, last night was day 3 also...

    I did the 30 day shred, then took a week off thanks to chest infection.. I read a lot of posts suggesting it as a good follow on, some folk even said they found level 1 too challenging.. err i don't have that problem. aching thighs today!

    i can't answer your question about week 1/2 yet but am interested in replies :)

  • caoimhe0
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    Ive just completed day 3 of ripped in 30 level 2,my 1st day on this i didnt find it as challenging and didnt get a huge calorie burn with my hmr. So for day 2 & 3 i used heaver weights for the strength section and man do i feel it. Hope this helps. Ps had a sneak peak at level 3 damn im scared!!!! :sad:
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    I did 3 weeks of ripped in 30 last month. Here's my thoughts.

    Week 1 was great, I really liked the workout.
    The problem I had with week 2 was it KILLED my wrists. The planks, the tables, renegade rows... by the end I felt pain shooting up and down my arms in a very bad way.

    So I jumped to week 3.
    Bad idea. Don't go forward before you're ready. It's super intense. I haven't done it in a week and am going back to the 30 day shred. Mostly for weight loss.

    Here's another thing- I did 3 weeks and never lost a single lb. I'm in pretty decent shape, too. And I actually didn't find the DVD impossible, I could keep up with weeks 1 and 2 pretty well.
    But it just helped my muscles tone- which is a great thing- but I lost zero lbs.

    So my personal plan is to go back to 30DS, do the 30 days, lose the weight then tone up with ripped in 30.

    I'm a Jillian-o-holic. Feel free to add me as a friend :)

    Hope my input helped.
  • DebbieSusanne
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    I have completed the Ripped in 30 just recently. I also found week 2 to be a bit easier. I upped my hand weights to 8 pounds and really tried to do only the advanced moves. That change did make a difference. However, I think I did 5 days on week 2 and went ahead and moved to week 3.
  • calicutie05
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    I just completed week 3 of RI 30. I started with 30 day shred and I'm glad i did. One thing with Jillian is you won't lose a bunch of weight but you will lose INCHES!!! 30 ds i lost over 10 inches from bust waist hips thighs.
    I would suggest to take pictures and measurements because you will see the difference there rather than on the scale.
    I'm excited to finish this program next week. My body has changed ALOT in almost 2 months
    i do it 6 days a week btw.
  • jvl1973
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    Thank you everyone! I did week 1 of Ripped in 30 for 2 weeks and now I have switched to 30 day shred. I really like 30 day shred. I plan on following this DVD for the next month and then I will switch back to Ripped in 30. I really need to measure and take pics for myself. I bought a pair of pants that I really want to get into by the end of this month. Hoping I can accomplish it.

    I am also jogging on the treadmill 2 miles for 3 times a week. I hope to see results soon!
  • I am currently trying out the ripped in 30! Am on week one 4th workout.. I have been working out at the gym for a month now doing 45 minutes of cardio 5 times a week.. trying this out because i have lost my motivation because i haven't seen any change in my body yet! Which is not very motivating. Anyone have any good results with the ripped in 30?
  • Mistraal1981
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    I started with 30ds, saw good and measurable results. Moved on to ri30. I dont like it. I did week 1,3,4 (hated week 2 so skipped to week 3 after 2 days. I have had no measurable results. I am going to try focus t25. I'm sad ri30 didnt give me the results of 30ds as I love Jillian. Much as I curse her 1 min long strength moves on 30ds I honestly think that is where the change kicks in as the constant switching every 30 seconds on ri30 may trivialise the burn. Just my rationalisation of why I think it didnt give me the results 30ds did.