Lost 15 lbs! (with pics)

MamaFunky Posts: 735 Member
I started MFP in January 2013...stopped coming for a while, then started back again and tracking consistently since mid-January of this year. I have always been pretty active, but was getting tired of not shedding those 10lbs that seemed have crept up over time. Thanks to MFP calorie tracking, my motivating MFP friends, my treadmill, the 30DS, and my awesome active family I have lost about 15 lbs!

I love to eat and cook, so I still have enjoyed all my favorite foods and beer and wine, within my calorie range. I have always enjoyed exercising, but would let my schedule or just being lazy get in the way. Now I make exercising a priority...getting on the treadmill in the morning, then finish with a quick 30DS workout. Then if the weather has been good, I get a bonus exercise by getting outside with my kids and walking/running while they play and ride their bikes. So much fun for everyone!

I have never taken pictures of myself...so I am new to all this "selfie" stuff. :laugh: But just wanted to share my before and after pics with my fellow MFP community! :smile:

The before pic was taken about 1 year ago when I started MFP. The after picture was taken this morning. My goal now is just to continue to tone, build strength and build endurance for longer runs. If I loose a few more lbs that would be great, but I also just want to focus on toning and building muscle.

40 yrs old
SW: 152
CW: 137

before (about 1 year ago)

after (3/2/2014)




  • 7Allie
    7Allie Posts: 7 Member
    Wow! You look great! Be proud girl!
  • wonderwoman234
    wonderwoman234 Posts: 550 Member
    Congrats! Although, to be honest, I thought you looked fabulous and a bit sexier in the first photo, too!
  • time4kim2014
    time4kim2014 Posts: 85 Member
    You look amazing...very motivating!!!
  • MamaFunky
    MamaFunky Posts: 735 Member
    Thank you all for the encouragement! :smile: You guys are awesome!! :flowerforyou:

    @lula1967 - thank you for the compliment too! I was still ok with the way I looked before, but just had that little bludge around my waist when wearing jeans or pants. It really feels good now to put on my clothes and not have as many lumps and bumps when I button my clothes or sit down. Plus I feel a lot healthier and more fit. Turning 40 was a good motivator to lose those 10+ lbs that have crept up over the past few years. I wanted to stop it before it crept up any more! :laugh:
  • illuvatree
    illuvatree Posts: 185 Member
  • LarDoucheLar
    LarDoucheLar Posts: 171 Member
    You look amazing! I'm 16months post partum with my son and 20 years old and don't even have a stomach like that! Good job you've done brilliantly!
  • Happymom83
    Happymom83 Posts: 405 Member
    Awesome job! :)
  • SgtBA_Diana
    SgtBA_Diana Posts: 156 Member
    Great job! You've just motivated me to do the 30DS more often! I've been losing weight but I need to tone up. Thanks for sharing!
  • Congrats! Great job indeed!
  • dmpizza
    dmpizza Posts: 3,322 Member
  • Great work! I'm working on adding more muscle with the fat loss
  • ebayaddict0127
    ebayaddict0127 Posts: 523 Member
    Awesome job! Hope I look that good when I turn 40.
  • theBeesKnees35
    theBeesKnees35 Posts: 17 Member
    you look awesome! congratulations!!
  • MamaFunky
    MamaFunky Posts: 735 Member
    Thank you all again for the encouragement! Now I just need to focus on building and defining muscle and losing BF%. Hopefully soon I can post another picture with a little bit more muscles showing! :smile:
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