can anyone suggest good hunger/craving suppressants?



  • cafeaulait7
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    Lots of baby carrots. But you might get sick of them like I did :D

    For a supplement, I'd only take it temporarily until you get used to lower calories (like 2-3 weeks), but I took Hoodia like that and it helped. I haven't kept up with any studies since then, so it may have been placebo effect on me, but that's fine by me ;)

    Don't add something like that to your normal diet, though. It was literally used to help with hunger, not as food, etc. And check out the studies first; they may have found problems with it since my old research.

    edit: I just saw the post above mine. Bummer (and wtf).
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    Food. Seriously. I agree with learning to identify whether it's true hunger or not, but being overly restrictive tends to lead us to failure.

    ^^^ this......... if you're that hungry all the time, review your calories, aim to lose weight slowly and steadily and give yourself enough calories to feel satisfied and not get the desire to eat everything in sight, but a low enough number that you still lose weight slowly and steadily. Try to find the highest number of calories you can eat and still lose weight steadily. That's much better for compliance.

    also try to ensure you're getting all the various nutrients you need, getting not enough of something can lead to hunger and cravings even after you've eaten enough calories. Adding foods that are high in protein, vitamins and minerals helps with this, and people on low fat diets get this problem because they don't realise that fat is an essential nutrient and that some vitamins are fat soluble... so this advice includes eating foods that are high in essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins, e.g. egg yolk, oily fish, full fat dairy etc. Just log the calories carefully as they're calorie dense, so you do need to be careful about portion control, but don't omit fat/fatty foods from your diet.

    if you find that you're always hungry regardless of eating a lot, e.g. you're still hungry even after eating a meal that should make you feel stuffed or being way over on calories, then it sounds like a problem with your body's appetite regulation system. not sure how to fix this in terms of not being hungry all the time.
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    exercise, water, tea, chewing gum

    Sometimes people think they're hungry when they're really just thirsty. Try drinking a glass of water. If you're still hungry 10 minutes later, maybe you actually do just need a snack. If you ignore your hunger and wait too long, you could end up on a binge when you finally snap. An apple or some baby carrots or a serving of nuts usually fixes me right up.
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    Water and tea help fulfill my "I need something in my mouth" cravings. If it's a matter of not staying full long enough, increasing the amount of fiber in your diet can be very helpful.
    I get those cravings... They are not food related tho ;)

    There are some great books on emotional eating/ cravings. What helped me (and a few people who recently contacted me to say thanks) was Bethany Frankel's book 'naturally thin' not all of it but the food voice vs food noise bit!
  • My0WNinspiration
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    Saffron extract and sugar free gum
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    I find a small piece off very strong mature cheddar stops any cravings dead, taste is so strong you brain decides it no longer needs what you were craving
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    "can anyone suggest good hunger/craving suppressants?"

    Yes, curbing your own mentality.

    Calorie free too...
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    STAY AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN!!!! keep yourself busy!
  • big glass of fibogel does the trick for me!
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    I tend to eat food when I am hungry. *shrug* :ohwell:

    yup :indifferent:
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    I've recently been adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to my water bottle. It plumps up in liquid and gives your body something to grind on for a while. Add a squirt of lemon juice and it's a fun little drink that fills you up till lunch time.
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    Sugar free gum and water works for me!
  • MizMiami305
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    I drink 0 calorie drinks, either the flavored water or soda, it helps me in those times!
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    Lately I've been drinking water with lemon slices in it. I find this helps me drink more water and curbs cravings a bit. I also sometimes add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar which is said to help with cravings but I think it's mostly just the water it's mixed with that helps.
  • SephiraRose
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    I drink a lot of water along with several cups of tea (love tea) any kind earl grey, green, chai, white, cinnamon and chamomile.
  • Drinks lots and lots of water.
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    Actually, if you use certified pure oils then they are fine to ingest (with the exception of very few). That said, using them topically provides the same benefits. Crazy that people accept harsh chemicals in medicines that they are prescribed, but reject anything natural. I just don't get it.
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    Food. Seriously. I agree with learning to identify whether it's true hunger or not, but being overly restrictive tends to lead us to failure.
    just because it bears repeating...

    ...because it's true.
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