Looking for Desk Buddies

I'm looking for people who sit at a desk all day. Looking to swap exercise ideas in an office setting, brown bag lunch ideas and just general support :)


  • I spend most of my time behind a desk! I work in a very uninspiring office & I'm studying towards a degree; lots of time on a computer.
    Feel free to add me x
  • simsburyjet
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    you should join our deskercisers group.. we post what exercise we are doing all day at work. I do push ups
    and sidekicks, frontkicks and others.
  • jeffininer
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    That's me :/ Sit at a desk literally from 7:30am to 5pm. I try to get up multiple times a day and take the stairs. But, I know I need to move a lot more!
  • Singlejules
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    Hi. I sit at a desk all day. Feel free to add me :)
  • luca15306
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    I sit at a desk from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm, I'm so lazy! don't even move for lunch!
    Salad at my desk everyday! I'm scared of the canteen...there's free biscuits...dangerous!
  • Hello
    I do 12 hour sit-at-desk shifts monday to friday every week.
    With the pressure and deadlines, its really hard to stick to a good diet plan and find time to exercise.
    Offcourse weekend is meant to relax to you end up binge drinking and eating.
    I was 174 lb and used to do long distnace marathons.
    Over 4 years became 230 lb with no exercise in almost a year.

    I made a couple of changes 1.5 month ago and have started seeing results.
    1. No elevators
    2. No dinner / swap with fruit / protein shake
    3. Sleep early , get up early and get a big-*kitten* breakfast
    Even with no exercise in a month and half I have lost about 15 pounds.
    Now I feel that I have energy to start exercise again and will be getting back to the routine soon!
  • ajalcazar84
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    I spend a good part of my day behind a desk. Being in the IT field and working for a school district, I do get up and out quite often to repair/replace computers, printers, and other equipment, but it is nowhere near enough to count as being "acive".

    Feel free to add me :)
  • wyattj99
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    I'm at a desk all day too :) Always looking for friends regardless of what they do
  • Betty_Rubble
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    %100 desk jockey here - 6:30am - 3:15pm. I get out on breaks and lunch for quick 15 minute walks, but other than that I'm chained to my desk all day :)
  • cjazz72
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    Spend a good amount of my day sitting behind a desk. Feel free to add me as well. Good at motivating people =D
  • healthyplans
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    Hi. I am at a desk too, everyday from 7:30-4:30. My job does require me to get up and down a lot all day though, but still, desk job here. Feel free to add me.
  • Resanzo
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    Hi. I too sit at my desk all day but do hit the gym at lunch time. Feel free to add me :)
  • MSmith74
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    Could you use help in NUTRITION? I am starting an 8 Weeks to Clean Eating Challenge on MONDAY MARCH 10th. The last one was fun, informative and challengers saw real results! It is on Facebook so add me as a friend if you haven't already. I will be posting the group link on SATURDAY. www,facebook.com/mariesmith74
  • Jenn_Lyn1102
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    I am a desk girl, have been since I was 18! Same job for almost 11 years now. I do walk to other bldgs throughout the day, but mostly eat at my desk, etc. Ohhh the life of a deskie! I did recently get a FitBit to help me realize GET UP some from your desk, and that has helped a lot!! Making sure I get some steps in!
  • MsTru2U
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    Another desk sitter here *waving*
    Please add me if you're interested
  • Resanzo
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  • gieshagirl
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    add me! i sit behind a desk and always on the lookout for tips to improve my method of living (i dont say the words diet and exercise..l change my method of living and incorporate new ideas) the words diet /exercise make me rebelious and looking for escape. people that have very active lives dont realize the chalenge of a desk job and how little time it gives you for you....then once home....your time is usually spoken for there too....:smile:
  • 4My40th
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    Desk job....all day....all week. Feel free to add me.
  • ktsmom430
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    Also at a desk every day.
    I go in early to work out in the gym at work every morning.
    Every time I get up from my desk I take a walk around the office and go up and down the stairs.
    I park as far away from the door as I can get.
    When winter is over I will take a walk outside either after I work out in the morning or on my lunch break every day.
    I eat both breakfast and lunch at my desk every day.
  • chandanders
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    I spend my late fall through late spring at a desk researching, but I work outdoors in the summer. Would love to be your buddy and get in on all the advice and ideas :)